Cover Reveal: The Second Edition of Kiera

I have followed Kate Willis for a long time. She has lots of great book reviews, talks about life as an author, and even some of her life stuff. It's always such a joy to read her posts, and while some bloggers have come and gone in my inbox as they either stopped blogging or I unsubscribed, Kate has stayed constant. In fact, as inactive as I am on Instagram, she stands as one of my favourite people on there as well. Her posts are fun and relatable on there as well (no surprise there 😜). SO, when I saw she was doing a cover reveal, I jumped on board.

At Her Fingertips By Kellyn Roth

Hey there! I don't usually post on Saturdays, I know. There still will be a post on Monday (filled with all the things I got tagged with during the dialogue series) but I have something super exciting to talk about today! Cue Miss Kellyn Roth. Kellyn is a blogger, indie author (like me!!) (indie is … Continue reading At Her Fingertips By Kellyn Roth