Julia’s Creative Corner

Every writer has a journey. At Julia’s Creative Corner, we writers embrace the journey, with the ups, downs, and crazy curveballs. We’re rebels, flaunting the ‘rules’ of writing and defying the norm. We explore writing, pushing the boundaries, and making new discoveries along the way.

This blog was created to be about my own journey as a writer and help others on theirs as well. But we do more than that; we forge connections and create friendships, having fun in the comments sections and in emails. We go through crazy things like National Novel Writing Novel together, and so far, have always come out on top. We’re always discovering and constantly creating, because what else would a bunch of crazy writers do? 😛

This blog is a place where science, psychology, creativity, research, and, most of all, experience come together in my posts to try and help others both become their best writer possible, as well as avoid my mistakes. Because I’ve been there, right in the trenches with you (and have managed to make some pretty dumb mistakes along the way 😅😂).

Hey! I’m Julia Herkel!

I’m the girl behind this blog. I’m also an artist in the dead of night (so none of my drawings will ever see the light of day – you’re welcome, world), a musician, and, of course, a writer. My dream is to someday share my stories with the world as an author.

I’m also eighteen years old, the third of seven girls, and a graduated homeschooler. We have a pet bunny (who, yes, is also a girl) and my sisters have yet to convince my mom to get a dog. I’m a coffee and croissant lover, especially if the croissant happens to come with chocolate. (So if you ever give me a chocolate croissant, we’ll be friends forever.)

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I hope you stick around for this wild journey.


(And even if you don’t, take this for reading through all that. *hands you coffee and a chocolate croissant*)