Filling Your Cup as a Creative {Part 1}

In my yearly overview post for 2021, I talked shortly about how my word for the year was kindness. I also said that I would talk more about that later. And! Here we are! I'm kicking off my first writing post of the year with a bang: a two-part series on filling your cup as a creative. This is something that will influence you forever - not just this coming year. Let's do this.

Your Why is a Truth

f you've been around at all this year on my blog, then you probably noticed the extremely long series of posts I did on following your heart as a writer. 😆 In it, I talked about your Why: a message in your stories that inspires you to continue working on them. It's why you push through the hard times of writing it. That series was really about accessing your unique abilities as a writer, and so for that context, referring to this message as a Why made sense. However, in my own writing, I don't actually call it that. I decided while writing that series that I would need to write a post afterwards on the Why - and what I actually think of it as - because simply by changing the word, you create a whole new mentality when you're working on the story.

How to Harness Your Unique Abilities as a Writer {Every Writer is Different}

In each post of this series, I've talked about different ways you can access your unique abilities as a writer - either in a conceptual way, or in an actionable way. Today, in this final post of the series, I'm bringing everything together to show you how you can use all the posts I've done to help you unlock your unique abilities as a writer. I posted in an order that allowed me to build each post upon the last and teach you better through that; but now, I'll be showing you how they can all tie into you and your process. Also... today's post is going to be formatted a little differently from all previous posts. I'm going to tell it in a little more of a story format - but don't worry, it'll make sense pretty quickly. 😉

12 Tips on How to Brainstorm While Following Your Heart {Every Writer is Different}

I've presented a mix of why you should do things and how you can do the aforementioned things throughout this series: it's like a smoothie of concepts and actionable tips. 😆 But today's post is going to be some of both. We're looking at a point in the process where you are working most closely with your heart: figuring out what will happen during a story. Aka brainstorming. We'll look at some specific applications based on what I've taught you throughout this series, as well as some very actionable and concrete tips. Let's get right into it. 😎

The Publishing Mindset: What it is, and How it’s Ruining Your Life {Every Writer is Different}

What is one thing almost all writers want? Or at least dream of, to some extent? If you just guessed being published, then you would be correct! Many writers dream of being published someday, whether just to see their book on a bookstore shelf or to share their Why with the world - and the people who need it. But did you know that there is actually a dark side to the idea of publishing?

Every Book is Different {Every Writer is Different} + ANNOUNCEMENT

Every writer is different, but so is every book you write. On the surface, it's a fact that's easy to glaze over. Like, yeah, sure; of course they're different. They're separate books. But this idea actually runs deeper than you realize. It's something I have to constantly remind myself of while working on manuscripts. I don't really think that most writers realize this until they've written a couple manuscripts, but it's something that you really need to know.

How the World Impacts Your Craft as a Writer {Every Writer is Different}

Every writer is different. It's a line that's been in the title of every post in this series so far. We've talked about really accessing your unique thoughts and feelings and putting yourself and your joy first as a writer. We've also talked about finding your unique style and process, because how we work differs from writer to writer. However, while these posts are about accessing your abilities as your amazing and unique self, I have yet to address this concept that every writer is different in detail. Hence today's post! Today is going to be a little less tip-filled, but is still just as important. I mentioned the concept slightly in the last post: that as you grow and change, your writing will as well. If you want to be able to consistently keep up your amazing writing abilities, this is definitely some good information to know.

How to Find Your Unique Writing Process {Every Writer is Different}

If you've been around my blog for a while, you'll know that last year I struggled with my own writing process. I finally realized the missing piece in it was joy. I've now made that a top priority in my writing, and in this series, I made it the subject of the first couple posts as well. As I worked my way through experimental manuscripts, testing to see what worked for me, I kept off-handedly promising writers that I would eventually do a post all of its own on the writing process. And, finally... here it is. This has been a year in coming.