Supporting Me!

Hello, fellow writer! I appreciate you clicking on this page! *sends you your favourite beverage in thanks*


I love to help people on my blog with their writing, and do most of it for free. There are a couple of ways you can support me so I can help even more people!

Free Ways

Comment! Commenting is one of the best ways to connect with me and let me know what you like and what you want to see more of. It also raises my reader engagement so that potential sponsorships are more inclined to actually sponsor me.

Like! Another way to engage, liking my post also shows reader engagement and tells me what you like to read.

Share! Sharing by word of mouth, shooting a link to a friend, or posting something on social media are all ways to do this. I have buttons at the end of every post to make this super easy for you, and that kind of direct sharing really helps me to grow as a blog.

Follow! There are two ways to follow: through WordPress, or on my email list. I personally recommend the second way, as you get notified of posts (which is all the WordPress following does), and, on top of that, you get a free 7-day course on defeating writer’s block, snippets of my writing, music recommendations, and the password to my Resources page (which changes monthly). By following, you, again, help me when it comes to pitching to companies – and, in the future, to agents.

Read! Click through to my blog and read my posts on the actual website, versus just in your Reader. This counts views, and will better reflect what my true stats are, which helps me in a variety of ways, such as by showing how my blog is growing, which posts do better, and get sponsorships.



Kofi is an online site that basically allows you to give me tips, starting just at $3 CA. The idea is that you buy me a Kofi/coffee (or, as I like to also mention, a chocolate croissant 😋), which is technically closer to $5 CA. But anyway. 😆 It’s just a small, one-time way to show your appreciation if I’ve helped you out in some way. It helps me to keep my blog ad-free, and, hopefully, will eventually help me to launch my books! 😁

Scrivener! I’m an affiliate for Scrivener, which means if you use this link right here and purchase Scrivener, I get a small commission. I personally endorse the program and use it myself, and actually wrote up a whole post reviewing it if you want to check out what some of its features are! 😉