The Domino Effect (And What It Has to do with Your Writing)

Do you ever think of the long list of things you need to do before you book will be done, and get a feeling of overwhelm? You're not alone, my friend; when it comes to writing (and publishing, if that's what you choose to do) there's a long to-do list before it's complete. And if you miss some things, then it probably won't turn out how you envisioned. As a writer, I always find that writing down what I need to do helps. Seeing it on paper shows me that there really isn't as much as I think there is, and gets it out of my head. Thoughts that are running on repeat - and in circles - can really make it seem that there's way more than there is. But when you want it finished by a certain point, how do you figure out what you need to do? And in what order? That's where the domino effect comes in.

12 Days of Christmas Book Tag

There I was! I had plans for a celebratory post for NaNoWriMo. But then, as I went through my email (which I hadn't touched during November) I found a tag: the 12 Days of Christmas Book Tag. And suddenly, I found that I wanted to do it. I mean, it's Christmas. It's books. It's great. So... um... sorry, celebration. *cough cough*