How to Write Setting – Even If You Don’t Know What it Looks Like

Setting: we all know it. Some of us love it, and some of us hate it. Source Personally speaking, I have always struggled to remember to add in setting details when writing. 😂 I just tend to struggle to actually picture my settings in my head, and that leads to me forgetting about them. Besides, … Continue reading How to Write Setting – Even If You Don’t Know What it Looks Like

12 Tips on How to Brainstorm While Following Your Heart {Every Writer is Different}

I've presented a mix of why you should do things and how you can do the aforementioned things throughout this series: it's like a smoothie of concepts and actionable tips. 😆 But today's post is going to be some of both. We're looking at a point in the process where you are working most closely with your heart: figuring out what will happen during a story. Aka brainstorming. We'll look at some specific applications based on what I've taught you throughout this series, as well as some very actionable and concrete tips. Let's get right into it. 😎

NaNoWriMo 2020 Celebration!

After that crazy month of writing, it's time to celebrate! Whether you only wrote 50 words or you hit that elusive 50,000, it's time to bask in your own amazingness and celebrate what you wrote! 🥳 Today, I'm sharing information about my own National Novel Writing Month novel! 😃 I don't usually talk that much about my own novels anymore on the blog (buuuuuut you can find more info on them by subscribing to my email list 😉) so today is a very special day! *rubs hands together gleefully*

Why All Writers Should Be Using Pinterest

Have you ever gotten super distracted by Pinterest when you were supposed to be writing? *raises hand* Pinterest - and any social media, for that matter - can be extremely distracting when you're trying to write a story. It's so easy to just switch to it instead if we're struggling even just slightly with trying to get the words down. But what if I told you that - outside of your writing time - Pinterest is actually a pretty great thing for writers to have?