My Honest Review of End2End Books

Hey there!


This is the first review post I am doing on my blog, even though when I began back in August, I hadn’t ever planned on doing reviews. 😃

“What is this End2End Books?” you must be wondering. Well, End2End Books is the website I used to get the cover for my book.

A Note: End2End Books did not ask me to do this post.



The Pricing

Did I like their pricing?

Well, to those of you who’ve never looked at getting a book cover before, this place may seem expensive… and it would’ve been crazy expensive to me before I began my search for a cover.

But after I began looking around, I found out that *gasp* to get a book cover, if it’s an original design, the price is generally above $200. And that wasn’t something I was willing to pay for my first cover.

As mentioned in my other post on book covers, there are also pre-made covers. And yes, while those are a bit less expensive than even End2End Books, it’s very difficult to find something that you want.

So did I like the pricing? Yes! I loved it. I felt like I’d finally found the solution to my problems as soon as I saw the price. (You’d feel like that too if you’d been looking for 3 days and with tons of headache-both figuratively and literally)

And for those of you who haven’t clicked on the link above to the website, the price for End2End Books is $99 US, meaning $123.43 Canadian.



Were they good at communicating with me?

Yes! Very good. In fact, during the buying process, as soon as I put in my email address, they sent me an email with an address to email if I had any problems. (So nice of them! 😄)

I had trouble with the buying process at first, and they tried to help me-but eventually, we figured it out on my end. A few hours later, they emailed me that they’d gotten my payment and a question on the cover design.

I found that End2End Books definitely communicates well about the cover design. If they had questions or suggestions, they’d fly them by me.



How did they treat me?

They treated me politely, and like my opinion mattered on this book cover. They were really nice and happy to help, or answer any questions I had. 😃



How long was it before I got my first versions of my book cover?

With End2End Books, you receive 3 different versions of the cover, done by 3 different designers. This way, each of them differs slightly in the way they look.

I placed an order for a book cover on September 29, a Friday, close to 7:30 p.m.

End2End Books doesn’t work on weekends, but I did get questions over it about the cover. I was expecting to get them after 3 days, the way they said it would, but come Tuesday, (I wasn’t counting Friday because it was night time when I ordered it) nothing.

I received an email on October 4 (the Wednesday after I expected the covers) saying that the designers were given the instructions for my book cover and that I’d probably get them on Monday.

I waited in expectancy for Monday, and on October 9, got 2 out of 3 cover options. The last one came in on October 10-and was the one that I used.

In total, still not counting that Friday (again, because it was night time!) it took 12 days to get all 3 covers; just under 2 weeks.



How many revisions do they give me?


Like, wow! Most places that I looked at don’t do this. So if you want something slightly different, or you change your mind about something, they’ll revise it.

I personally didn’t end up requesting any revisions at all, because I loved the cover the way it came! 😃


Final Version

How long did it take for me to get a final version that I was happy with?

As stated above, I didn’t request any revisions. But when I received the 3 cover designs, they weren’t emailed directly as covers that I could use. (I’m pretty sure it’s so that I can’t steal any-though I wouldn’t dream of stealing from anyone!) I got the cover-cover of the cover on October 16, totaling 17 days.


Working with End2End Books

Did I like working with them?

Yes, I did!

Would I work with them again?

Absolutely. These guys are great! I would totally recommend them, to people trying to get a first-time cover or their next.




National Novel Writing Month

The time to write my novel for National Novel Writing Month is coming to an end. I’ve been so busy, that I haven’t been able to get much done this month. But last Friday, I had the day off of getting assigned school work, and so did my watercolor painting of the month (aka the first watercolor painting I’ve ever done in my life 😂), leaving my weekend school-less.

So on Saturday, I sat down with my laptop and worked on my story. On Sunday, I continued with it.

So basically, in my book, I spent around 100 pages reaching a place for the MC to train. My original plan was to just do something like ‘1 Year Later’ and skip training them. But when I actually reached the part to do that, I realized that since a reader had read how long it took to get there, they would expect training. I owed it to the readers to write it!

So, I spent the next 60 pages training the MC. (Lots of Googling involved, a lot of relying on books I’ve read before). I reached page 70 on Saturday and decided that if I was going to reach my goal – finishing the novel by the end of November, – then I would have to slightly speed up how fast the MC was being trained.

I bumped up the speed slightly, and by now, I’m close to the climax!! I’ve been planning the climax since, like, I first began writing the story. It’s going to be great. I can hardly believe I’ll get to write it this week! 😃

I began writing this story sometime around March. So, it’s been around 8 months since I began it. Longest time to write a story I’ve ever taken. When I finish the story, it’ll be somewhere close to 200 pages! (HOLY COWS THAT’S THE LONGEST STORY I’VE EVER WRITTEN)

This Friday is the end of the month, and by the time I post the Monthly Overview, I should be *gasp* done my novel’s first draft! 😱 That means, on Friday, you’ll get to hear how 1) writing it went and 2) what I plan on doing next. 😉


Bank Account Announcement

I have some really good news! My Dad was really nice and did some research, finding a place that I could get one at! YAY!

He’ll be taking me and my two older sisters there to get some soon, which means… you’ll soon be able to get my book!! 😄 (Christmas present, maybe?)

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 9.56.49 AM

Have you ever gotten a cover before for a book?

Where did you get it from?

Did you like it?

If you’re doing National Novel Writing Month, how’s it going? (Bet you’ve written more words than me this month 😆)

AND WHO ELSE IS EXCITED THAT I’LL SOON BE ABLE TO LAUNCH MY BOOK?! (the Q&A is open for questions to be submitted until I post it! Check out this post about it and shoot me some! Or, if you don’t have a WordPress account, head on to the Contact page, and email me from there! 😃)


 Pin photo by Kelli Tungay on Unsplash

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