At Her Fingertips By Kellyn Roth

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I don’t usually post on Saturdays, I know. There still will be a post on Monday (filled with all the things I got tagged with during the dialogue series) but I have something super exciting to talk about today!

Cue Miss Kellyn Roth.

Kellyn is a blogger, indie author (like me!!) (indie is another way to say self-published, for you guys who don’t know 😉and just awesome in general.

Kellyn has five books that are available to buy on Amazon. She’s actually been writing a series called The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy, and is going to be launching the third book! She had a cover reveal yesterday for the book, and I’m here to talk a bit about it!

Blurb for At Her Fingertips

Debutante Alice Knight has a plan: have her first social Season in London, meet her husband, and marry him. As the Season begins, Alice’s feelings and common sense both begin to undermine her goals. But she must stick to her plan – and everyone, including God, had best stay out of it.

The plan looks even less appealing when a childhood friend reappears, an American author shows her a different kind of faith, and a charming gentleman is not all he should be.

The life she longs for is finally at her fingertips, but how can she know it’s the right one? 

Author Bio:

Kellyn Roth has been writing stories since she was seven, though she wrote quite a few (awful) poems and songs before that. Nowadays, she pens Christian & Historical Fiction, including lots of adorable children and mischievous animals – as well as a generous dose of BBC-style drama.

Miss Roth lives in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge with her parents, two little brothers, crazy border collies, annoying but lovable cat, and assorted cows and chickens. She is a homeschooled highschooler who spends her non-writing, non-reading time blogging, riding horses, attempting clarinet and saxophone, and pretending she has other hobbies besides writing.

Author Social Links:

Facebook: @krauthor

Twitter: @ReveriesofRuby

Google+: +KellynRothauthor

Pinterest: krauthor


YouTube: Kellyn Roth

Goodreads: krauthor

BlogLovin’: @krauthor

Instagram: kellbellroth


Book Blog:

Personal Blog:

Release Date: April 22nd, 2018

Blog Tour Dates: April 23rd-28th


And now, before I go, here’s a look at her cover!

series graphic.jpg
At Her Fingertips, front cover.jpg
AFOP - graphic 2.png
CAI graphic 1.png

Isn’t it super beautiful?! 😍

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 9.56.49 AM

Are you interested in At Her Fingertips?

Are you going to check out Kellyn’s blog? (Go forth and do that! Click HERE and check it out right now!)


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures used for the book tour. Kellyn gave them to me to use.

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