Cover Reveal + Q&A!

Hey there!


The time has come for my



Scroll down…
















It’s coming….















Still coming…




































What? I mean, I never have a chance to do this. 😛 I’m going to take the chance while I can!





















Isn’t it magnificent? 😍 I LOVE IT!!!

Guys, just take a second and stare at it. Or a minute. Or maybe a few hours. 😆



Okay, now that we’re done mooning over my beautiFUL cover, on to the second part of this post!




The first Q&A ever on this blog! Whoop whoop!

So what is this Q&A about?

Well, as you might’ve guessed, it’s about my book! You get to ask questions about it! Any questions, literally.

In my next post, I’ll answer them. (No names will be put in, so you’ll remain anonymous)

So how do you submit questions for it?

Below, is a contact form. You can send me an email through it, and your questions!

I’m looking forward to getting these questions!


Update: Q&A is over


Launch Date

“Wait a minute,” you must be thinking. “She has a launch date???” 

Or maybe, “What’s a launch date?”

If you don’t know what a launch date is, it’s the date that my book officially launches and is available for people to buy!

And yes! I do have a launch date, you doubters! 😆 It’s on October 30th, 1 week from today! I shall give you a link to where you can buy it in one week, along with the answers to the Q&A!



Spreading the Word

Now I’m taking a brave step forward, and asking you if you could please spread the word about The Storm Inside? (Because yes, this is actually scary)

I’ve been very happy with the views and follows that Julia’s Creative Corner has been getting this month, but I’m not totally sure how many returning viewers there are. So, that means that not that many people know about me and my book. I would really appreciate it if maybe you could share a link to this post, and talk to people a bit about me, my blog, and my book?

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 9.56.49 AM

What do you guys think of the cover? :3 I just can’t get over how amazing it is!



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