A Sad Announcement

Hey there,


So as you can tell from the title, I do not have good news.

The book launch has been postponed.

So to set up my payment information for the book (so I can earn money from book sales) I  apparently need a bank account.

Which I do not have. Because I’m only 14.

So, until I can get a no-fee bank account, I cannot launch the book. 😭


What will happen until then?

Tomorrow, I will post my monthly overview; on November 1st, I’ll send out the monthly email to my MailChimp subscribers.

I had planned on doing a lovely post on the 13th, thanking everyone who’s helped me while I wrote, edited, and self-published my book. But it looks like I cannot do that until my book is launched. So instead, I’ll be doing a post that celebrates reaching 20 followers! (Hint: it’s an interview with someone… 😉) 

During November, I also am going to be upgrading my blog to a paid version, to get rid of ads that pop up on it. So things will change, from the fonts to graphics to background.


I am really sorry about this. 😔 I’ll try and get the book up, along with the answers to the Q&A, as soon as I can! (On the bright side, at least there’s more time for people to submit questions 😜)

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 9.56.49 AM

Have you asked anything in the Q&A yet?


 Pin photo by Ronaldo Arthur Vidal on Unsplash

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