Author Interview with Kellyn Roth

Hey there! Yes, that's right! We get to do another interview! 😄 Today, I get to talk to Kellyn Roth, a self-published author! (I did a post on her cover reveal. Click HERE and check it out quickly!) She's going to be launching her newest book (again, mentioned in this here post) and is having … Continue reading Author Interview with Kellyn Roth

At Her Fingertips By Kellyn Roth

Hey there! I don't usually post on Saturdays, I know. There still will be a post on Monday (filled with all the things I got tagged with during the dialogue series) but I have something super exciting to talk about today! Cue Miss Kellyn Roth. Kellyn is a blogger, indie author (like me!!) (indie is … Continue reading At Her Fingertips By Kellyn Roth

Madison + Co Launch Tour

Hey there! Surprised to see me on a Tuesday after only 1 week since my last post?  While this definitely isn’t something that’s going to be happening very often (I don’t even know if it will ever happen again!) I have some important news to share today! Some of you guys may or may not have checked out my Blog Buttons page (up in the menu) but the first button you find on that page leads to Taiya Maddison, Taiya’s blog. She’s been blogging for around a year now, and I’ve known her since basically the beginning.