Q&A Answers + LAUNCH DAY!!!

Hey there!

FINALLY! The day we’ve been waiting for practically 2 months!

It’s the Launch Day of The Storm Inside! 😄 I was planning on doing this post on this Monday but then decided against it. As I just said, we’ve been waiting 2 months. No way are we waiting anymore!

First up: the answers to all the questions you asked me!

I was so happy with the number of questions I received! Some of them were also really fun to answer. 😆

So without further ado, here are your answers!





1. What gave you the first inkling of this story?

This takes us a few weeks back before I even started Julia’s Creative Corner. I was brainstorming a new book where a girl could control storms under the cover of darkness, (no really, it started a night I couldn’t sleep 😆) but it didn’t seem to be working out. Over the course of the next few weeks, I worked on the idea, wanting it to be an epic book, full of battles, man-eating piranhas – don’t ask – and emotions controlling storms.

When I started my blog, though, I took that central idea – a girl who could control storms – and it evolved into this book.



2. What made you want to write it? (Asked twice)

At first, it was just because I was blogging about it. But then, it kind of turned more into a ‘message to the world’ book. That’s the only reason I’ve decided to self-publish it, actually: because it carries a message.



3. Who are some authors that have greatly inspired you? In what ways?

John Flanagan; he’s the author of The Ranger’s Apprentice, a series I began reading back when I was around eleven. Somewhere around nine or ten, I had stopped writing stories, finding that I hated writing, due to what I had to do for school. But after reading those books, I was inspired to write again, to craft a world as amazing as the one Flanagan had. And while those early attempts at writing again should never see the light of day, John Flanagan’s books were what inspired me to write and to someday be an author. 😄




4. What inspired you to make your own book?

Ever since I got into thicker books for reading (fun fact: it started with The Lightning Thief, after I was driven to tears because my friends kept talking about it and I HAD NO IDEA WHAT WAS GOING ON WITH THAT SUBJECT.) I’ve seen what ‘good writing’ actually is. I’ve read stories that are actually interesting, that draws me in. It’s like, a fact that if you surround yourself with good writing, then you can become a better writer. Maybe that’s how I keep improving? But anyway, after reading so much, I wanted to write a book as good as all of the ones that I’d read. And yes, although my first attempts were extremely pathetic, I’ve improved a lot.




5. Who gave you the idea to write it? (Asked twice)

I guess lots of people did. I’ve heard the words of self-doubt from more than one mouth before.



6. What is your inspiration to write?

To someday be an author.


7. What is your goal as a writer?

To share my work with the world.




About the Book



8. How did you decide what your book was going to be about?

If you go back to my post Idea Dump, you’ll see that my ‘tree graph’ originated from one idea. (It didn’t actually turn into the tree graph I wanted 😆) My starting idea on the center of the paper just said ‘A girl can control storms’. And that was it! The entire book was mapped out on that sheet of paper in 45 minutes. 😃



9. What is your book about? (Asked three times)

It’s about a girl named Amanda Dale. She discovers that she can control storms, but they react to her emotions – hence the title, The Storm Inside.

Of course, the problem is, she hates her powers. 😆


10. What genre would it be under?




11. How long did it take you to write the book?

It took me 20 days to write the first draft of the book, and then from there on out to October 21st was editing.


12. What’s your favorite thing about The Storm Inside?

The cover! 😄 (I know, I put so much work into the words, but I like the cover best; crazy!) (But then, you know, we are talking about me)



The Cover



13. Where did you get your cover from?

I searched for 3 long days, full of physical and figurative headache, having to keep in that just mentioned headache-ridden-mind that I had a budget of $200. All original cover options I came upon exceeded that budget. I was getting worried that I’d have to dig for hours through pre-made covers to find one that matched my story when I stumbled upon End2End Books. They charge $99 US for a book cover, give you 3 cover options to choose from, and unlimited revisions. (If you want to see more about the cover, I wrote a review post on working with End2End Books)



The Characters


14. If you met the characters from your book, which one would be the most interesting to talk to? Which one would be the most annoying?

The most interesting to talk to would be Alma. And the most annoying – this was even easier to figure out than the first; is that a bad thing? 😆  – would be Drake. As was pointed out by my sister, he and Earl seem to have the same personality, something I didn’t intend, but at least Earl is kind of smart. 😆


15. Which of your characters would you like to be best friends with (in real life)?

If I had to choose someone, I would probably say Amanda herself.


16. You and your MC are caught in a cave by a talking dragon. Which one of you would be the most likely to challenge it to a battle of wits?

Me! 😆 Amanda is horrible with nerves and stutters way too much to ever win. Plus, I’m the one with the wits around here! I made her out of thin air!



17. If you and your antagonist got into a fight, do you think you could defeat them?

Sadly, no. 😂


18. What personality types do your MC and main side-characters have?

Well, my MC mostly has a lot of self-doubt and nerves. But also a ferocious side. There are more like 3 main side-characters. One was supposed to be nice but is kinda rude, one was supposed to be a polite genius but is kinda a jerk, and one was supposed to be a jerk and ended up being a jerk. 😆

I’m such a great author. (Though in my defense, this doesn’t usually happen!)


19. Which one of your characters would you most trustfully eat the cooking of?

Once again, my answer is Alma! She’s like, a super-genius at making broth. 😆


20. If you had to choose one of the characters to be your Siamese twin, which one would you pick?

Woah, tough question! Hmmm… I’d say… maybe Amanda?


21. Do you ever relate to your characters?

Yes! I can relate to several parts of my story, actually.



Random Awesome Questions


22. Is there a particular snack/food/drink that you ate while writing/brainstorming?

Me and my snacks! *shakes head* While brainstorming, I had water, mostly because I just wanted to use that water bottle you can find in the pictures of Idea Dump. 😆 But while writing the first draft – and going through the headache of editing – I tended to drift toward tea. It’s something about me: while I read, I want hot chocolate; while writing, I want tea. 😛


23. Is there a song you think goes well with this book?

While writing, I like to listen to music with no words, but vocals. That way, I don’t get distracted by wanting to sing! A song I think might go well with The Storm Inside would be Inner Strength, from the album Rise Above. (I listen to music on iTunes)


24. When do you plan on writing next?

I revealed in my last post that I’m going to be doing a fairy-tale-twist story this month, and in the comments, also ended up revealing that it’ll be about The Goose Girl. Expect posts on it in the future! 😉 (After, you know, taking care of those tags… and the posts on dialogue I promised… maybe I can do them in between? 😂)




25. What’s your favorite thing about writing?

Being able to craft a world of things and people that readers can use to escape real life.


26. Who is your favorite author, besides yourself?

Definitely John Flanagan!


27. If you were to choose 1 famous author to write a book with, who would it be?

This is probably starting to sound repetitive, but John Flanagan! 😆


28. Where do you want your career to start?

Right here, with this blog, and this book. 😃





29. Can we get a peek at the back of the book?

Actually, the book is going to be digital copy only, so I didn’t create a back for it. Because it’s my first book, I decided to do it this way so that it’ll be easier for people to purchase it from many different places.


30. Are you going to put your book on Amazon and other online websites?

I am planning on just having a digital copy of my book on Amazon. Next time that I self-publish a book, I want to have a physical copy available as well, but seeing as this is my first launch, I’m going to do it digital-copy-only.


31. When can I get a copy?

I’m so glad you asked! You can get one today! 😄



And so concludes the Q&A! 😄 I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.



What you’ve been waiting for

Because I am a very good blogger, I know what you guys want. And I shall bestow the gift upon you!


Click on the cover, and you shall be swooped to another open tab… and a place to purchase my book!



Is this…The End?

The End of Julia’s Creative Corner? Silly little reader! Of course not! I still have many things in store for you, and many books to write! 😄

But this is The End of writing The Storm Inside. (Thank goodness!) This definitely wasn’t the smooth launch I envisioned, and I’ve learned a lot of things that I shouldn’t do in one through experience. (I feel like such an expert now! 😜)



Thank you!

HUGE thanks to everyone who’s helped me out with this launch that didn’t turn out as planned; you guys have a bottomless well of patience with me. 😆 So thank you!

Thank you, Charis Rae, for your awesome post that mentions my book!

Thank you, Abby Smith, for your Halloween post that mentions my book on your old blog!

Thank you, Madi Grace, for being patient with me; keep an out for a great post from her about my book! 😉

I could go on with this list, but let’s put it this way: you can read it in the acknowledgments of my book instead! 😜 (If you do buy it, I would REALLY appreciate it if you would leave a review on it on Amazon! 😊)



Shoulder Update

Today, I found that I can actually lift my left arm up so that it’s fully straight again!!! YAY! It definitely takes some effort (more than needed to do the same thing on my right) but I can do it again. 😄

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 9.56.49 AM

Did you like the answers in the Q&A?

What do you think about the book?

Isn’t it great to finally have it launched?!

Do you know any of the bloggers I talked about?




P.S. Keep a lookout on my Pinterest account today for a new board release; its theme will be about the book itself!

Pin photo by Jeremy Yap on Unsplash
*flops down* *mumbles* worst… launch… ever

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