NaNoWriMo: Week 1/2

On October 31, I decided: whatever. Some months are 31 days, and November is not. I will not have enough time to write 50k words anyway, so why not start a day early?

And so begins NaNoWriMo.

A Writer's Perspective on NaNoWriMo 2018 | How does a writer do during NaNoWriMo? If you want to do it, but aren't sure if you want to jump in without knowing what's coming, read on. #writing #NaNoWriMo

My plans for this month are to attempt to hit 50k words in my rewrite of The Storm Inside. Because I want to devote my month to writing my book instead of posts, I am going to base all my posts off of my writing. This will make me able to keep up with my blog through November, keep me accountable, and let you readers know what’s going on in my writing life more. 😉

~Day -1~

23 words in, I got stuck. 😂

A few minutes later, when I was getting in the groove of things (feeling shivers of excitement, since it had been forever since I’ve actually worked on a novel) my mom came over and told me that it was late and I needed to get off my computer.

Snippet of the day:

Gina shrugged. “Okay. You just… aren’t usually in the kitchen. Except for coffee, of course,” she added.

Written today: 280

Total word count: 280

~Day 1~

*me working with music*

*dramatically hits the space bar on a beat with it*

I began working on my story early this morning; after zooming through all my morning schedule, I sat down with a cup of coffee, and empty dining room and time before I had to begin my school.

Honestly, I was super excited about being able to write a novel after plotting for so long, that I was more happy about making the story than the actual story. 😂

Snippet of the day:

“Totally,” Gina agreed. “I felt so strange. It was like everyone’s eyes were dissecting me.”

“Please,” Amanda snorted, “if they were dissecting anyone, it was me.”

“If you just had worn the nice green shirt I suggested-”

“The one that ‘brings out my eyes’? Please, no.”

“All of your outfits don’t have to be as dark as your hair!” Gina laughed.

“I like my hoodies,” Amanda replied, mock offended. “Besides, you looked fabulous enough for the both of us.”

Written today: 1,351

Total word count: 1,631

~Day 2~

The day before, I found that the time between having my schedule done and school starting was actually a pretty prime time to get some writing done. I was so busy for the rest of the day, that no more writing happened at all. So, writing with my coffee is now kind of my official writing time. 😉

Snippet of the day:

Gina had managed to force her hair into submission by tying it in a messy bun. Somehow, the messy bun looked messy in a way that was… artful. Like every stray hair, every imperfection, somehow added to its gloriousness. Now, when, on the other hand, Amanda’s own hair was messy, it was a mess. No stray hair was ever artful on her head.

Written today: 1,227

Total word count: 2,858

~Day 3~

I was busy reading the majority of the morning, (and cleaning) so I started writing late in the afternoon. (The new Keeper of the Lost Cities book is coming out tomorrow!! I need to catch up on the series, and the only time I have is the weekend) However, I think I still got in a pretty solid amount of words. 😉

*stops to find a last name for a character*

Snippet of the day:

Amanda and Gina exchanged a glance. They stayed silent as a door shut. Gina finally broke it by saying, “You’re dripping water on me.”

Written today: 2,035

Total word count: 4,893

Quote from a tea bag I had tonight: Say what you mean, mean what you say.

~Day 4~

I was writing a part that was kind of boring for me and had to do my best to push through. However, I was totally exhausted when I began to try, so I didn’t write for very long.

Snippet of the day:

“Most buses don’t even have seat belts,” Amanda agreed, “much less something to thoroughly strap you in.”

Written today: 942

Total word count: 5,835

Today is Day 5, but I am putting out this post before I start my writing endeavors today.

An Announcement

I am switching up my email list again!

This is a quick and smooth switch (hopefully) I decided that it was high time for me to update the course.

Here’s what you need to know:

There are 2 sections again. One is called ‘Writing’. You get notices when I come out with posts with writing tips (or one like this) as well as snippets from my writing.

The other is called ‘Other’. I noticed that having an ‘All’ section wasn’t working out so great, so instead, this section will allow you to get notices on posts that are not writing (like interviews, book launches, unboxings, or whatever) as well as a monthly newsletter.

The way I format emails will be different as well.

So! If you want to sign up to my email list, now is the time! And if you’re already subscribed, I’ve notified you in today’s email. However, make sure you sign up for the new list if you do want to keep getting emails. Thanks!

Here’s the link!

Are you looking forward to more posts like this?

Are you doing NaNoWriMo?

Make sure to sign up to my email list!


Photo by Christa Dodoo on Unsplash

10 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: Week 1/2

  1. ….wait. I thought the new KOTLC book was coming out Wednesday…….. *shrugs* as long as it comes out soon, I’m good!

    And congratulations for taking on the challenge of NaNoWriMo! It’s going to be intense…..but you can do it!


    1. You’re a fan as well? 😄 That’s awesome!

      Thanks! Yeah, I’m already being completely swamped, what with school, blogging, and writing. 😛


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