The Blogger Box Blog Tour

Surprise! I’m posting on Saturday! Do you remember my post from on Monday? Well, Clara is having a launch tour for her box, which launches November 12! I am hosting her again here today, this time as a spotlight.

The Blogger Box is a subscription box for bloggers. It is full of items that will help you, inspire you, and provide a bit of fun. 😉 Here’s a graphic about what’s inside the box (which was originally posted on Instagram.)

Blogger Box

The box is 30.00 US and has free shipping. FREE SHIPPING. 😱 When I got a box for my birthday from Beacon Book Box, the shipping was like 10.00. CRAZY.


I  think that the reason for this is because, at the moment, the box is not being shipped internationally. I’m totally going to keep a sharp lookout for when that changes! Make sure that, if you live outside the US, you do too!! 😉

The goal of the Blogger Box is to:

Spark new ideas, think outside the box, and create better content than ever before.

The box will be stuffed to the brim with goodies to help bloggers make their blogs as unique and creative as possible while having fun! Um, yes please?? 😂

I honestly am so excited for Clara and for this box! It’s going to be epic. Make sure to keep up with the blog tour!

The Lens and the Hard Drive – November 4th

Wild Writing Dreams – November 5th

American Girl World – November 6th

Cleverly Chic – November 7th

Christina & Camera – November 8th

A Purpose of Winged Dogs – November 9th

Home With the Hummingbirds – November 10th

Make sure to check out her Instagram for updates on it!

Pssssst… I had an interview with Clara herself last Monday! It’s extremely interesting, so I would recommend checking that out!

Are you going to get the box?!

Are you as excited as I am?


Disclaimer: the image was not created by nor is owned by me.

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