How Similar are All My Books?

We just finished a super epic series on how to keep a reader interested (you can check out the last post here, which includes links to all previous posts) and I thought it would be fun to do a post that’s more fun-sey.

I’ve noticed that there are similar components to my stories, despite the stories themselves being different. So, I thought we’d take a look at all my past stories – based on my memory for the first couple, since I threw them out. (I thought they were trash. They were, of course, but I wish I’d saved them to read now ๐Ÿ˜‚)


I remember the title of this one, because I used the thing of having the title in the last sentence. It was about a group of 5 girls who ran away from an orphanage and worked as bread bakers. A reward was offered to find them, and then they were caught and went back to the orphanage.

What the point of it was? I don’t know. I just really wanted to write something.

I mentioned it in my post of Project Inspire, by the way. It’s the one Cecilia read and totally trashed. ๐Ÿ˜‚


Back in the day, my sisters and I were obsessed with Littlest Pet Shops.

These were the type of pet shops we liked to buy; I actually recognize some of them that we owned. ๐Ÿ˜‚

At the time, Cecilia had written a story that I loved. The characters in it were based on – you guessed it – Littlest Pet Shops. To me, it was the most incredible story EVER, and I wanted to write one too.

So, I would sit at the big, black, clunky Windows computer we had at the time, and I would write that story.

It was called Magic Dust. Inventive, I know. But anyway, the royal LPS kids got bags of magic dust for their birthday. A single speck of it could grant any wish the user wanted. The bad guy (who, if my memory serves me correctly, was an evil dragon with glowing red eyes) stole the bags of dust from them, and they went to go get them back. Though I do remember at the time that even I was wondering why the bad guy didn’t just wish that they were dead or something so they couldn’t get it back.

I stopped writing it because I was trying to delete a line, but then was confused when more words appeared. I kept deleting and deleting… until I realized that it was just more of my story coming up because I’d gotten rid of what was above it. I was crushed, and didn’t write it anymore, because so much of it was all gone.

The Twins

Ah, the twins. There were so many different versions of their story. They first showed up in my life when I began to play games with my sister Mary. We were the twins. (It annoyed Cecilia a lot. She still likes to rant about how awful they were. Though seriously, she’s only remember like the first two days of it. I know, cause we changed it after around that long, and she remembers the stuff from before the change.)

And then we began to write about them.

We wrote stories about the twins separately, at first. They were all handwritten in notebooks, and I enjoyed illustrating them. We’d take time to write, and then we’d read to each other what we’d written.

And then we co-authored a book.

It was awesome, not going to lie. The main purpose of the books were to be hilarious, and we delivered (Mary usually more than me). Mary still kept her books. Sadly, once again, I threw mine out. *glares at my past self*

The Changelings Six

I took quite a break from writing seriously, as explained in my Project Inspire post. This trilogy was the first that I wrote seriously, back in grade 7.

The first book was about 6 kids. I called them Changelings, not knowing that actual things called that already existed in mythology. They were supposed to save the world (a different world than their’s) from an evil president called Evan Evansan. (or was it Evanson? I can’t remember)

*goes and checks*

It was Evansan.

They spent book 2 going to different worlds and gathering up Changelings to help them. I literally had like, 60 main characters. I stopped in the middle of book 3 because I realized that those books were actually garbage. ๐Ÿ˜‚

The Triad of Caosdif

This one has gone through the first draft, half of a rewrite, half of a first draft of a new version, and is currently under construction once again. It’s a story dear to my heart, because it’s the first book that was actually any good that I wrote.

It follows the story of triplets. It was originally inspired by a prompt from Pinterest.


*goes to find the prompt*

10 Minutes Later:

*tumbles back in* FOUND IT

Me with the pin and you guys @ me

So basically, the first and second child spend the book running away and training, and the third one is hunting them. There was a small group of people helping the first two – a duke’s son, a knight, and an assassin. Oh, and that random ragamuffin and fox I threw in. *nods sagely*

The Storm Inside

You’ve probably heard about this one if you’ve been hanging around for any amount of time. Ever since I began this blog, it’s the one I’ve been working on for the most part.

There was the first draft, a second draft, a new version with the third draft, and now there’s a third new version where I’m combining what I’d intended to be a trilogy into one book as the fourth draft.

How Much Do My Books Have in Common?

Powers: Most of my books include characters having super powers. 4/6 of the books named above include this.

Talking Animals: Or at least, talking to animals. I apparently liked to do this. 4/6 of the books named above include this.

Magic Crystals: Weirdly, I do actually have different books with magical crystals. 2/6 of the books named above include this.

Twins or Triplets: Aha. Haha. Hahahahaha. *awkward cough* Sooooo I’ve noticed that many of my stories have this. All the versions of The Storm Inside, all the versions of The Triad of Caosdif, The Twins (obviously), and The Changelings Six. In many other story ideas I have, they include twins and triplets. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Oops? 4/6 of the books named above include this.

Too Many Characters: I struggle with this. I feel like there should be more people around, but then I throw them in and don’t use them. 5/6 of the books named above include this.

Not Enough Characters: By the same token, though I do mention the amount of characters around, I don’t use them. There aren’t enough characters in places to make sense. 2/6 of the books named above include this.

Multiple Worlds: I like to include multiple worlds in my books. The first version of The Storm Inside had this, and so did The Changelings Six, so technically 2/6 of the books named above include this.

Well that was fun! I guess I have too much in common in my books. ๐Ÿ˜…


Before we go, though: as I mentioned at the beginning of the post, this was supposed to be a bit more fun after the long series we had on keeping readers interested. And guess what else is happening that will last a while?

National Novel Writing Month!

For those of you who don’t know, National Novel Writing Month (or, NaNoWriMo) is a month-long writing extravaganza, so to speak. ๐Ÿ˜› During the month of Novembers, writers all over the world all attempt to write the length of a novel: 50,000 words. If you were around last year, you’ll know that I did it and managed to win – barely. I want to try to again this year, doing the same type of posting as I did last time. I’m basically going to do weekly updates on my own writing, sharing snippets from each day. We’ll see how I do with grade 11 going on!

Did you enjoy that?

Do you have things in common in your own books?

Did you used to play with Littlest Pet Shops?

Are you doing NaNoWriMo?


Disclaimer: I do not own the Littlest Pet Shop image. I found it on Google. I do not own the writing prompt. I found it on Pinterest. I do not own the GIF. I found it on Google.

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