NaNoWriMo 2019: Days 4-10

Week 2 was not as interested as last week (aka the first 3 days) but I got a lot of writing done!


Days 1-3

~Day 4~

Writing was a bit slower today, but I managed to get in enough.


Because something suddenly felt very, very off.

Written today: 1,710

Total word count: 6,838

~Day 5~

I didn’t get in that much writing today.


Amanda stomach growled again to proclaim to the world that, yes, Amanda was awake, and she was hungry.

Written today: 845

Total word count: 7,683

~Day 6~

I wasn’t having a good morning, so the writing was pretty slow. But I came back in the afternoon to try and catch up with my word count. I felt like I had to fight to make it, but I managed to.


She held her arms wide and smiled, as if she was a gift to the world.

Written today: 2,496

Total word count: 10,179

~Day 7~

I had to write a lot of explaining today, so that dragged a little bit.


Sensing that the woman might not tell her everything, Amanda said threateningly, “I can sick my waterspout on you if you don’t tell me everything.”

Written today: 1,004

Total word count: 11,183

~Day 8~

Instead of my usual morning routine, I helped to make pancakes this morning. This meant that I actually had time to do some writing before school! 😃 (which sounds weird, but making breakfast takes less time than my normal morning routine)

The scene came out a lot more boring than I’d expected it to, which also happened to it in the last version of it in the last draft. I thought that it would be more interesting this time, but I guess I didn’t really figure out the middle part of it. 😆 I’m just leaving it for now, though, and we’ll see what I think after I finish the whole book.


Amanda didn’t trust her tired legs, and instead sat on the board, slowly scooting her way across. In no way was it a graceful way to do it, but at least she didn’t fall and break her neck. Or die. Or something else bad.

Written today: 2,866

Total word count: 14,049

~Day 9~

I didn’t exactly feel excited or horrible while writing today; more just… normal. Like I was writing the scene but wasn’t getting any emotion evoked by it. The scene was more like an in-between place in the story, where I was just establishing things that would be needed for later.


That sounded like they were just inviting the creatures over for tea that afternoon, but Amanda decided to not point that out.

Written today: 1,638

Total word count: 15,687

~Day 10~

I finished the scene from yesterday, and then began writing the next one. I got pretty into it, and enjoyed character dialogue. (I also snuck in a book reference, which was fun 😜)


“I need enough time to bake all the cookies before dinner!” Mrs. Dale protested, and they jerked to a stop at a stop sign.

Well. At least she was starting to follow the law.

A minute later – and after almost running over a squirrel – they were home. Amanda got out of the car on shaky legs, wondering why she kept letting her mom drive her places.

Written today: 1,798

Total word count: 17,485

Days 1-3: 5,128 words

Days 4-10: 12,357 words

Whew! That was a lot of writing! I’m 35% of the way there, though! 😃

How is your writing going?

Are you also struggling with feeling a little bored with the scenes you’re working on? (cause personally, there’s some epic scenes I can’t wait to get to 😆)


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