NaNoWriMo 2019: Days 25-30

The last week of NaNoWriMo dawns.

I need 15,860 words. That means about 2,644 words every day for 6 days.

Let’s do this.


Days 1-3

Days 4-10

Days 11-17

Days 18-24

~Day 25~

This day was not off to a great start. I had to get my blog post and email out, which took up my free time, and then had to instantly start working on school.

No snippet.

Written today: 0

Total word count: 34,140

~Day 26~

I got going earlier today, and managed to chip away at some words. Still pretty far behind, but at least I got in some writing today. 😂


Amanda sighed, closing her eyes. It was too early to be philosophical.

Written today: 2,310

Total word count: 36,450

~Day 27~

I squeezed in a little writing in the morning before school started. I wasn’t able to work very long, though, since I had a lot to do that day.


Amanda gritted her teeth, deciding that she wouldn’t deign to reply.

Written today: 1,051

Total word count: 37,501

~Day 28~

I knew that I had a bunch of school that I wanted to finish, but I got in some writing before that. I’m officially nervous about my word count. 😅


Amanda couldn’t help but laugh at her sister, right before Gina tripped and almost sent them crashing backwards down all the stairs. Amanda squeaked, yanking hard to haul Gina upright. “Gina! You have better balance in stilettos!”

Written today: 1,668

Total word count: 39,169

~Day 29~

Today was a day off of school. I knew that I needed to work a little on some side courses in the afternoon, but I wanted to chop away at my word count in the morning. However, it was going to be a balancing act. I needed to get enough done that what I would have to do on the final day would even plausible for me, but not do so much that I would get burnt out.

Two days left.

10,831 words remaining.

5,416 words per day.

Things were not looking good.


During my first break after a word sprint, I did some more math. According to NaNoWriMo, my average WPM (Words Per Minute) was 40. If I had 5,416 words to write each day, and could do 40 WPM, I’d need about 2 1/2 hours each day.

I write most when I write something dramatic. I don’t know why, but that’s when my word count soars. So I went and checked my outline for any potential drama. Unfortunately, there wasn’t going to be any for a while, so I was on my own with 40 WPM.

blood and death

During my next break, I did some more mental math. The most I’ve ever written in one day was 7k. However, that in a draft of The Fire Inside during a very dramatic scene. I did not expect myself to be able to write that much in one day. So I’d have to try and get the amount down to… well, about the 5k that NaNoWriMo was recommending to me. If I only got in about 3,000, I’d still need 7,000 more, and I didn’t think I’d be able to do that.

I had a plan in place for a couple weeks already, in case something like this happened. It would give me a solid two hours to write without being interrupted on Saturday. So if I could write 40 WPM, that would give me close to 5k.

But my big worry was still avoiding burn out. I could do everything I wanted on Saturday, but I had to be conservative in Friday.

Oooooooooooh boy.


Gina instantly jumped up. “I’m going to find some pyjamas from the closet!” She gasped. “You should too! Or, wait! We should wear the same pair!”

Now that sounded like a nightmare to Amanda. But she just said, “Okay. But nothing too flashy.”

“Define ‘flashy’.”

Written today: 5,031

Total word count: 44,200

~Day 30~

5,800 words left.

I decided to begin chipping away at my word count that morning, since it was kind of large still. However, I was saving most of the heavy duty work for the afternoon, when I would reveal my secret weapon.

Last year, I went out and wrote in a coffee shop for the first time. I decided to make it a tradition this year by going out on the last day, either to celebrate or do a final sprint.

And, as it is, this is the final sprint.

I got in 2,416 words before I had to get up to go and clean the bathroom. On Saturdays, there’s cleaning to do, and I had to get it done before the afternoon.

But I felt proud. I could rest easy, knowing that, according to my calculations from the day before, I’d get in enough words to crush my NaNoWriMo goal that afternoon while sipping coffee.

Something that wasn’t in my calculations, though, was how busy it would be after Black Friday. It was pretty loud in there, making it hard to write.

But, then it happened.

At 4:17 p.m., I hit my NaNoWriMo goal! 😄


“Illusions. Duh.”

Written today: 5,823

Total word count: 50,023

Days 1-3: 5,128 words

Days 4-10: 12,357 words

Days 11-17: 6,161 words

Days 18-24: 6,860 words

Days 25-30: 15,883 words

Not gonna lie, on Day 29, I was kind of procrastinating my writing by writing so much in this post. I think just how much I had left was kind of intimidating me. 😂

But somehow, I managed to write a bunch of words and make it to the 50k! I’m probably going to take a bit of a break from writing during at least the first week of December, but make sure keep an eye out for my next post! It’s a NaNoWriMo celebration! 😉

Did you win NaNoWriMo?

How is your own story going?

Are you excited for next week’s post?


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