The Domino Effect (And What It Has to do with Your Writing)

Do you ever think of the long list of things you need to do before you book will be done, and get a feeling of overwhelm? You're not alone, my friend; when it comes to writing (and publishing, if that's what you choose to do) there's a long to-do list before it's complete. And if you miss some things, then it probably won't turn out how you envisioned. As a writer, I always find that writing down what I need to do helps. Seeing it on paper shows me that there really isn't as much as I think there is, and gets it out of my head. Thoughts that are running on repeat - and in circles - can really make it seem that there's way more than there is. But when you want it finished by a certain point, how do you figure out what you need to do? And in what order? That's where the domino effect comes in.

The Importance of Plot Line {How to Keep Readers Interested}

Having amazing, relatable characters can save a story (which we discussed how to write in the previous posts in this series). But we don't want to have to save your story at all. We want to amp up its awesomeness and keep readers interested! So, in this last post in the series on how to keep readers interested, we're going to talk about plot lines.

How to Plot Your Story: The Actual Plotting Part of this Series

Hey there!   I wrote out a draft post for this, and left it, even though it didn't feel like it was... good enough. But eventually, I just decided that enough was enough, and I was only going to give you guys quality content. So. Here we are, with an entirely different kind of description … Continue reading How to Plot Your Story: The Actual Plotting Part of this Series

How to Plot your Story: The 15 Parts of Plot

Hey there!   Welcome to today's post! We're going to be talking about the plotting process. I personally found out about new things on the plotting of a book recently and had to stop my rewrite of The Triad of Caosdif because I was missing some of them. I also have friends and family who need … Continue reading How to Plot your Story: The 15 Parts of Plot

Character Creation

Hey there! When I made my rough outline of my story, the way I showed you yesterday, I didn’t include names. All I thought about was the story. When I talked about my main character, I just capitalized ‘She’ and ‘Her’, so I’d know. But you do need to know who your story is about. So here are 6 questions that are necessary for your character creation.

Idea Dump

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I am going to be going through each step I take to write a book here; even though I’ll be doing it at a faster pace, I’ll post once a day. (For the planning part, at least; that will go quicker than writing.) I invite you to try out this with me and tell me how your story is going in the comments every time you do a step.