How to Plot your Story: The 15 Parts of Plot

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Welcome to today’s post! We’re going to be talking about the plotting process.

I personally found out about new things on the plotting of a book recently and had to stop my rewrite of The Triad of Caosdif because I was missing some of them. I also have friends and family who need help with this.

The thing about plotting is that it’s pretty essential to a book. If you’re going to write a book, whether you plot every minute detail or like to just let whatever fly, you need to know the structure of a plot to write a good book.

Another thing: I have friends in real life who admire my ability to write stories and rewrite them. They tell me how they have ideas, but they never get past the first page. I find this so, so sad. I’m writing this in hopes that they’ll read it and be able to get past page 1. 😃

Another thing: I have friends who love to write like me, but I can tell that they need a plot. I had to learn that the hard way over a couple years, and hope that by reading this, they’ll be able to learn faster and write better than I was able to.



The Plot Line

I am going to start off this series (yes, it’s a series heh heh heh) by talking about the plot line of a book. Over the series, I’m going to go in depth to each one.  Then we’ll look at how to do the plotting itself.

There are 15 parts of a plot:


  1. Introduction
  2. Inciting Incident
  3. Some Rising Action
  4. Success!
  5. More Rising Action
  6. Slap #1
  7. More Rising Action
  8. Failure after Failure
  9. Sucess again!
  10. More Rising Action
  11. Slap #2
  12. No Hope
  13. Climax
  14. Falling Action
  15. Resolution


That’s a lot of stuff.

Lucky for you, in the next post, I’ll teach you in-depth about each one. Then, in the final post, I’ll talk more about how to use these to actually plot your story.




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My Own Story

I am currently plotting The Storm Inside for my rewrite, based on what I’m talking about in this short series. (And can I just mention how I’m always forgetting that I do my monthly overview on the first day of the next month? 😂)

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 9.56.49 AM

Are you excited for this series?

Do you know anyone who could need this?



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