Finding Your Why {Every Writer is Different}

Have you ever stumbled upon a part of a book, blog post, podcast, or video where the person who created it is talking about your Why? And... had absolutely no idea what they were talking about? 😅 Or, have you ever heard about it and understood what it was, but been unsure as to how to even go about finding your Why? Join the club. 😆 However, over time, I've found a couple of sure-fire ways to help you find that. So today, I'll be explaining what your Why is, why you need it (see what I did there?) (okay I'll be quiet now), and how to find it.

Why You Shouldn’t Actually Listen to Writing Blogs (But Also Should)

The further along you get on your writing journey, the more knowledge and experience you gather. And along with that comes your own unique perspective, lessons, knowledge, and needs. What one writer needs to do during the writing process id different from another. Which means as you go along with your writing, you actually become above the idea of 'rules'. You can end, break, and completely throw them out as you please. Which is why you really shouldn't even be reading this blog. But don't go unsubscribe! Because, at the same time, you should be reading this blog. Let me explain.

The Benefits of Rereading Your Own Writing

For the longest time, I didn't make it a habit to reread my own writing. I stayed away from rereading it, honestly. It was like my rule of never editing while writing (a myth I've debunked in recent months - check that post out here!): I never so much as considered breaking it. Until I did by accident. And it turns out... there are a lot of benefits to rereading your own writing. (Shocker, I know) Let's take a look at what I discovered.

Putting on Blinders and Blocking out the World

Ever since I started this blog, I've touched on this subject a bit. Who is the first draft for? You. What makes you a writer? Writing. But then, last year, right before summer, something happened to me that really challenged me being able to achieve either of those things. And I think it's high time that I put out a post on the subject. This blog is about my journey as a writer, and I've talked a lot on tough subjects based on what I've gone through before. Buckle up. I'm here to talk today about what happens to a writer when the world creeps in on them and then completely stifles their creative process. aka: the reason I went for so long without writing my own original story ideas.

2020: The Year of Finding Pure Joy

After a long, long year, 2020 has finally come to a close. Many people are looking forward to leaving this year behind them and have a fresh start. Last year, I did an overview of my year, which you can check out here, if you're interested. I'm doing another one of those, where I'm evaluating my word of the year as well as my blog and writing life. Let's see how much I got done despite the crazy year.

How to Brainstorm Your Story in 5 Steps

The year 2021 is upon us. After a pretty rocky start to the decade... *looks pointedly at the corona virus* ...I think all of us are ready for a fresh start. Usually, I kind of make fun a little of the way people start the new year with a flurry of resolutions to do new things and better themselves. But I thought that, after the craziness of the past year, many people would look at their lives with a fresh perspective. Time is short, and sometimes crazy viruses try to cut it even shorter. With these morbid thoughts around to spur people on, they might finally find the motivation to start that book they've been dreaming about for years. Combine that with the new year and buckets of resolutions, and you've got people deciding to finally write their book! And that's where this post comes in! With new writers beginning, I thought that they would need some assistance. So, I'm doing a post on one of the earliest steps of writing to help them out a bit: brainstorming.

12 Days of Christmas Book Tag: 2020 Edition

Last year, I did this tag in December. I thought it would be fun to do it again, since it's Christmas season. 😉 If you've been around for a while, you'll have noticed that I don't do tags that often anymore, so it's a special post today where I throw all my book recommendations at you and demand you read them! I'll try to keep the books I mention limited to ones I actually read this year in particular. Note: there are links to each book I mention, so if you want to check them out, you can! But this post is in no way sponsored and I am not getting paid for this.

NaNoWriMo 2020 Celebration!

After that crazy month of writing, it's time to celebrate! Whether you only wrote 50 words or you hit that elusive 50,000, it's time to bask in your own amazingness and celebrate what you wrote! 🥳 Today, I'm sharing information about my own National Novel Writing Month novel! 😃 I don't usually talk that much about my own novels anymore on the blog (buuuuuut you can find more info on them by subscribing to my email list 😉) so today is a very special day! *rubs hands together gleefully*