New Host

Hey there!


Welcome to this new blog! I’ve finally moved, and am using instead of




  • No more ads!
  • Pretty Home page! (In the menu bar, if you click Home, it’s different than if you click the title of the blog)
  • I made a new blog button! If you want to get it, head on to my Blog Buttons page in the menu!
  • Cool drop downs! So I have only one page in the menu that is a drop down. It’s the Contact page, under the About one. If you hover over the About page, it appears. Honestly, I don’t need it as a drop down, but it just looks so cool that I had to keep one as one. 😂 And they’re so easy to make! I literally only have to drag left or right.
  • Great social share buttons!
  • The dashboard is kind of cool.
  • I can use plugins now!



  • This place took FOREVER to set up! I had trouble with everything.
  • The font is super tiny. I can’t change that. 😦
  • I cannot change the title fonts either. They’re staying curly.
  • There’s no WordPress follow! I’m jumping in followers from 60+ to 14. I’d appreciate it if you refollowed. (You’ll get 30 FREE writing prompts! 😉)
  • To move all posts and comments here, I’d have to pay like $165 (which is nuts). So I had to copy paste all posts here. I’d really appreciate it if you’d post comments on them!
  • There’s no like button. -_-
  • I don’t like the place for writing posts; it feels really cramped, and more ‘DO THIS RIGHT’ than ‘Have fun writing this post!’.


Honestly, the thing I like the least is that the font is super small. I can deal with all my old posts being put into January archives. And I’m leaving my old blog up. I’ll be posting big things on there (new books of mine for example) and I’ll keep the page on my writing of books updated.

The dialogue series I started is going to continue here. No worries, guys! 😃

Anyway, I hope you guys like this new look for my blog!

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 9.56.49 AM

Do you like my new blog?

Will you post any comments?




Just found out that I can’t see any stats. NO STATS. 😖


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