The Inciting Incident: The Point of No Return… Or Is It?

In my last post on making the problems in a story personal to a character (which is *cough* totally awesome *cOuGh* and you should check it out *wheeze*) I mentioned that I was going to do a post on the Inciting Incident. Not that long later, I had a conversation with my sister Mary that made me very glad I was going to post on the subject. We both are working on outlining new stories, and we started talking about the Inciting Incident, which was really confusing both of us for some reason. What exactly is the Inciting Incident supposed to be? Is that when the character gets kicked out of their Normal World? And are they even supposed to accept it?

How Just One Paragraph Could Revolutionize Your Writing

Do you struggle to write? If not, do you struggle to write consistently? Do you struggle to sort to write? To make sure that, every day, you're writing? Yeah, me too. But I found something recently that, although I already knew it, really made me feel like I'd just been smacked in the face with a huge glowing sign that read DO THIS, YOU NINNY! So obviously, I've got to slam that sign in your face as well. You're welcome.

3 Things Multiple Conflicts Must Have {How to Keep Readers Interested}

A fun aspect of books are when they have side characters who have their own problems. We love a good side character, and what's more fun than seeing them in pain, right? 😜 The problems they experience lead to multiple conflicts, and having all those conflicts is pretty intriguing. This keeps readers interested. There are a couple of things to remember when creating these, however.

Should You Take a Break between Drafts? {Case Study}

A question that has been on my mind as I dive through the first drafts of each book in my trilogy, The Storm Inside, is if I should take a break between each draft.

I took it upon myself to conduct an experience to answer this question. After I finished the first book, The Storm Inside, I leapt directly into The Fire Inside. But after writing The Fire Inside, I took a break that lasted about 2 weeks before starting The Leader Inside.

Which one worked best?

Who is the First Draft for?

When you write the first draft of your book, who do you write it for? Whoever it is will severely affect how it turns out... or if it even turns out at all. With Camp NaNoWriMo upon us and writers launching themselves at some new first drafts (or ones they're currently working on) it's probably a good time for me to drag this post out of my drafts.

Things I’ve Learned from NaNoWriMo: Habit

"Write every day!" all people scream at you. "Practice, practice, practice!" "Practise makes perfect!" It's enough to make all writers run screaming for the hills. I get it. I've had to listen to this a lot too. So today, I am going to be very careful to not say any of those things to you. Instead, … Continue reading Things I’ve Learned from NaNoWriMo: Habit