Putting on Blinders and Blocking out the World

Ever since I started this blog, I've touched on this subject a bit. Who is the first draft for? You. What makes you a writer? Writing. But then, last year, right before summer, something happened to me that really challenged me being able to achieve either of those things. And I think it's high time that I put out a post on the subject. This blog is about my journey as a writer, and I've talked a lot on tough subjects based on what I've gone through before. Buckle up. I'm here to talk today about what happens to a writer when the world creeps in on them and then completely stifles their creative process. aka: the reason I went for so long without writing my own original story ideas.

Why Writers Never Get Instant Gratification

Writing is a long process that is hard to complete. I think all writers can agree on that. Writing is not for the faint of heart. It's a long path to walk, and you don't see results very quickly. And guess what? Once you've finally written enough to see results, you look back at what you wrote, and now that you've become a better writer through writing it, you don't even like it anymore. 'Tis a tragedy. So why do we still write?

Finding the Time to Write {Case Study}

Have you ever struggled to find time to write? You have all the right (I wrote that as 'write' 😂) intentions, and really, you meant to sit down and write today... but then life crowded in, and good intentions took a bit of a hike. Or you actually did sit down to write, but then people came along, and the next thing you know they've sucked up all your time in doing something else. How do you find writing time when there doesn't seem to be any other place for it in your day? And is it actually as hard as you think?

How to Find Happiness Despite the Chaos

By now, wherever you live and whoever you are, you have probably heard of covid-19 - also known as the corona virus. The thing kind of decided to waltz on into our lives at the end of 2019, starting by attacking China. It has now moved on to the rest of the world. I live in Canada, and up till now, I've been pretty lucky. It hadn't reached us or affect my life at all, honestly - until this past month. Now, the world is in chaos. Everyone is panicking. But something I've found already in this time is how important it is to try and find happiness despite it all. Is this me saying that you need to "look on the bright side"? Or "find the silver lining"? Yes and no.