Beacon Book Box Birthday Unboxing!

In case you haven’t heard yet, I requested that I get the August box from the subscription box company Beacon Book Box for my birthday gift from my parents. Last Friday, I finally received it in the mail and took pictures as I unboxed it, so as to post on here! (I say “finally” because I think we ordered the box on, like, the first day it was available… meaning I was waiting for about a month for it? 😂)

Beacon Book Box Unboxing | In today's post, I unbox the August 2018 box from Beacon Book Box! *THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST* #unboxing #august #book #box #birthday

The theme of August’s box is Buccaneers and Bandits. I took all pictures as I opened up the box with my family watching (it’s a birthday gift, remember?)

Please note: This is not a sponsored post. I decided to do it on my own.

So first up, we have the nice outside of the box. It’s a bit smaller than I expected but I actually really love the outside? Maybe that’s just me. Maybe it’s because this is actually the first subscription box I’ve ever received. But whatever the case, I love the box exterior. 😜

Beacon Book Box

This is on the other side of the box, which I thought was pretty cool.

Shining light on awesome reads!

And then, I opened it!

Beneath the note and the card (I didn’t read the back of the card since it said everything that was in the box) were some worms. But they’re nicely colored worms, ya know?

Inside, as you can see, is a candle! I actually am not a huge fan of candles and was puzzled by the smell when I sniffed it. But after the candle was passed around so everyone could smell it, the smell ended up lingering in the air throughout the rest of the unboxing, and I found that it was actually really nice. 😉 When I took the picture, I didn’t notice, but the camera didn’t totally focus.


I couldn’t resist taking a picture while picking up the worms. 😆


From beneath the worms, I withdrew a very curious object. I felt a mixture of confusion and curiosity as to why they would send me a piece of paper until I noticed the tape. (It’s on the other side in the photo) (And I just noticed now what a weird reflection the rim of the candle has in the picture 😂)


Opening it up further, we saw that it was really a paper from a book! I thought that was kind of cool.

Page 194

On the inside was this little bag with a necklace.


Upon taking it out, I flipped it over, and saw that it was a Pirates of the Carribean themed necklace! If you can’t read it in the picture, the circle reads “dead men tell no tales”. On the right is a small, open book, (at least, I’m mostly sure that’s what it is?) and the left is a candlestick. (If you look very closely in the picture,  you can see the reflection of me taking the photo 😉)

Pirates necklace

Next up in the box was some bath salt! I was going to open it up to smell it, but then my sister Bella pointed out how it would probably spill.

Bath salt

bath salt

Next is the book sleeve! It’s the first one I’ve ever owned, so that’s pretty cool. It should also keep my paperbacks corners from bending when I go on trips. Yay!

pirates book sleeve

Beneath the book sleeve was a bookmark with a quote from Children of Blood and Bone. I actually still have to read it, and am waiting to get it from the library. (Last I checked, there were over 100 holds before me for it, so it may still be a while till I get it… 😂) If you can’t read it in the picture, it reads “I won’t let your ignorance silence my pain”.

COBAB Bookmark

I was pretty surprised to find it was double-sided! It has a quote from Sky in the Deep, a book I’d never heard of until then. If you can’t read it in the picture, it reads “We find things, just as we lose things. If you’ve lost your honor, you’ll find it again.”

SITD bookmark

And then, of course… the book!

book in bag

The whole bag…

whole bag

The letter from the author was inside, and my youngest sister’s hand got in the picture I took. But hey, it still looks pretty cool, so here are both versions with and without the hand. 😉

letter from author

Can you guess what the book is?

letter from author

It’s These Rebel Waves, by Sara Raasch! And can I just say how amazing the cover is?! I saw this book once in the bookstore, but I don’t really know what it’s about. Hopefully the story will be as good as the cover. 😉

These Rebel Waves

It’s signed as well! Below is the signature, and above, it reads “Make waves” which is pretty awesome. 😉


Here’s the spine without the book jacket. It’s super pretty and silvery!

title spine

This is the back of the card from the beginning; it talks about where everything is from.

where they're from

And here’s two final pictures from two different angles of everything!

Beacon book Box

Beacon Book Box

So I personally looooooooved Beacon Book Box! I hope that I’ll be able to order from again sometime in the future.

If you’re interested in buying a box from them, September’s theme is UNITED RIVALS! Again, this is not a sponsored post, but Beacon Book Box was so nice when I pitched them (they only do social media representatives) that I thought I would be nice back, and also show my first book box ever to you! 😃

If you want this box too, I believe that they still have some left, and you can buy them in their shop. If you do decide to buy September’s box from them, though, I would totally appreciate it if you used this link to do so! I can get a free box for every 3 friends I refer using it, and I enjoyed this box so much, that I would love to get another! 😜

Before I go today, though, I want to remind you about last Saturday’s post! I am holding a mix of a birthday and blogiversary celebration, and there’s a giveaway! Check out the post to make sure that you can enter it! 😃 (Pssssst! Even if you don’t do the giveaway, you may want to be signed up to my mailing list! I may or may not be giving away a freebie to subscribers only near the beginning of September… 😉)

Have you ever bought a book subscription box before?

Have you ever bought from Beacon Book Box?

Do you plan to?

Did you enjoy this unboxing?

Are you going to check out last Saturday’s post?





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