Author Interview: The Thief, the Damsel, and the Dragon Blog Tour!

Today we get the honor of being a part of the blog tour for indie author Angela’s book, The Thief, the Damsel, and the Dragon!

As soon as I read the blurb for the book, I knew I wanted to be a part of the blog tour! The book sounded so fun and one of those everybody-is-wrong-but-the-reader-can-see-that books.

The Thief, the Damsel, and the Dragon

“… the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.” ~ Psalms 91:13

Edward Prosner is going to steal from the small town mayor of Fall Springs, North Carolina. He’s got a flawless plan of action and is determined to return honor and justice to his father’s good name. The problem he faces? He needs a date for the mayor’s dinner party.

Lucy Levitt is a huge romantic at heart, but with her family’s ranch and her part-time job, she has no time for dating. She believes God will place her soulmate in her life when the time is right. When the new man in town asks her out, how can she say no?

The first date seems ordinary enough, but then they begin to realize that they can’t fight their dragons alone.

I’m in bold!

Hey Angela! Welcome to this interview!

Hello Julia! Thank you so much for having me!

Where did you get the idea for the book?

I had the random urge one morning to have another, shorter story completed, just because. 😉 So, I brainstormed and God gave me the idea for TT, TD, TD!

What attracted you so much to the idea that you decided to write it?

Hmm… All of it! I liked the idea of the character’s first, and then the setting was a fresh thing for me, too. I really enjoyed the theme of forgiveness, as well.

Did you outline it?

Yes. Briefly. With jotted notes and such.

What was your favorite part of writing the book?

I enjoyed digging into the Scripture for verses. I also liked getting to know the characters — this novella was different than my usual projects because it wasn’t quite as serious.

Sounds fun! Were any food or drinks put in danger while you were writing? 😉

Coffee is probably the only major thing. And chocolate, of course. 😉

Haha, yes! The coffee. I am drinking coffee as I write this, actually. 😂 Did you have to rewrite it? If so, how many times, and were there a lot of changes made?

Nope! No rewrites. I outlined enough for that to be unnecessary. I did add bits and rewrite scenes but it wasn’t a huge deal of changes, I don’t think.

Which stage do you enjoy the best: brainstorming, writing, or rewriting?

Writing. Brainstorming is fun, but I’m one of the stinkers who even brainstorms AS I write… I enjoy writing best. 😉

Cool! What do you hope people take away after reading it?

I pray that God has people take whatever He will from it. Perhaps it’ll get a laugh out of someone, or maybe they’ll get a clearer idea of what God is within the pages.

What are your future plans for writing? Any ideas floating around?

I will be finishing the final draft of my novel Seek soon. I also will be working on a few other projects (big and small!)(AND THERE MIGHT BE SWORD FIGHTS IN SOME STORIES, Y’ALL), so follow me on social media to stay tuned about what’s happening!

Sword fights are ALWAYS awesome! 😃 Where else can people find you?

Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Goodreads, Pinterest.

And finally, could you please give us a tip on writing and one on self-publishing? 😀

My tip for writing would be to pray. A lot. And read the Bible (it is a great place to find themes, y’all!). Not everyone will like your writing, and the Bible tells us we should work to glorify the Lord, not man. That’s a very important thing for all writers to remember! My tip for self-publishing is… don’t be afraid to make friends! There are a lot of great Indie authors who are very kind and can help offer great advice and suggestions.

Thank you for joining me in this interview, Angela!

Thank you for the great questions, Julia! God bless you all and have a great summer!

The Thief, the Damsel, and the Dragon Blog Tour

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And guess what?! There’s a giveaway! 😀

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And… I know what you’re thinking…


Patience is a virtue, and your’s is about to pay off. 😉 Click HERE and buy Angela’s new book!

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Are you interested in The Thief, the Damsel, and the Dragon?

Did you enjoy this interview?


P.S. Camp NaNoWriMo began yesterday! *pumps fist* Tell me about your projects in the comments below!

P. P. S. Happy Canada day to all Canadians (like myself) and happy Fourth of July to you Americans! (And for those of you wondering, yes, I am also American. 😂)

Disclaimer: the cover and images for this tour were not created by nor owned by me.

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