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Hey there!

I have 2 tags here today! (There are actually more, but I’m going to take care of just two for today)

First up, thanks to Liz for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award!


The Versatile Blogger Award was created to feature and recognize blogs that have unique content, high quality of writing, and fantastic photos. As the web-page about the Versatile Blogger Award says – “Honor those bloggers who bring something special to your life whether every day or only now and then.”


1- Thank the person who nominated you with a link to their blog. (thanks again Liz!)
2- Include the banner in your post.
3- Tag it under #versatilebloggeraward in the Reader.
4- Tell 7 things about yourself. What are some fun facts about yourself?
5- Keep up with the chain and nominate 10-15 bloggers for this award.

(Disclaimer – Please go right ahead and tell me about yourself in 7 points. Also, there is no compulsion to being a part of this chain, even though I would love for you to do it! I understand – that life gets busy at times!)

  1. I am a singer.
  2. I suck at drawing but am slowly trying to force myself to do it more so that I can get better.
  3. I really need to go through my old emails.
  4. I’m on page 53 of my rewrite of The Storm Inside as I write this.
  5. I was offered to do a book review just the other day and accepted. 😉
  6. I want to do my relaunch of The Storm Inside in August when it’s my one-year blogoversary.
  7. I will be 15 in August.


I am not doing 10.

Starling @ Starling

Natalie @ Taking the Cake

Rebekah @ Tunes of My Heart

Thanks to Carol for nominating me for the Tell a Story Tag!

| rules |

  1. Include the tag image in your post
  2. Tell a (one paragraph short) story based on the theme your nominee gives you
  3. Give ONE theme for your tagged bloggers to write a story about
  4. Tag 3 (or more) people
  5. Let your nominees know you tagged them
  6. Copy and paste the rules
  7. Follow the rules

| theme | city

| my story |

The sound of honking vehicles and the flash of city lights were overwhelming. I spun around, trying to take it all in. Signs glowed brightly in the dark, and music thrummed in the air, covered by the underlying hum of feet slapping pavement and people talking. I feel a sudden tap on my shoulder and turn. “Hello,” a kind woman smiles. “Are you lost?” I hesitate, wondering if I should tell her no. Or should I tell her the truth? But she seems to read it from my face and points down the street. “The bus stop is down there.” I smile gratefully and nod my thanks as I disappear into the crowded sidewalk and walk with the wave of people traveling down it.

| theme for nominees|

glittering (you may understand that prompt however you wish)

| nominations |

Cassidy @ The Amber Illusion

Catharine @ A Little Bit of Runion

Chloe @ Chloe Mali

Hope you guys enjoyed that! 😂

The Storm Inside Updates

I got some more work done last week on The Storm Inside. 😉 Here are a few snippets:

Amanda paused, then said hopefully, “We’re friends?”

“Of course!” Audrina smiled at her.

“Definitely not,” Drake snorted.

Amanda had thought that it was cold on the mountain. But compared to the inside of the castle, the mountain may as well have been a tropical beach. Her breath hung visible in the air for much longer than it should have, and it took Amanda a few seconds to realize that the puff had frozen midair.

At that moment though, Drake, Audrina, and Earl suddenly ran into the room. “I am not lost!” Drake yelled at the others a moment before he crashed into Amanda.

Those were some fun ones. 😝

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 9.56.49 AM

Were you one of those nominated?

Did you enjoy the answers?


Disclaimer: the images for the tag and award were not created by nor owned by me.

11 thoughts on “2 Tags

  1. Hi Julia!

    Just showing my lack of knowledge in the blogging world, but what exactly are you tagging? How does this work? Do other bloggers participate or is it just yours?


    1. Tags are kind of like a chain of posts. We each answer to them, and ‘nominate’ other people to do them as well. They can do them whenever they want (so they’re awesome if you’re in a pinch for a post). 😃 You can create your own tag or award if you want as well!


  2. Yayyy you did my tag! (yeah I created that second tag- I should’ve made the blog link on it more clear but I was running out of time XD) Also, thank you so much for the nomination!


    1. Haha, yeah, I finally did a couple of the things I was nominated for (in le prehistoric ages by this point 😂) No problem!


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