Awesome Blogger Award

Hey there!

I have been, yet again, nominated for something! Am I ever popular! 😜

Thank you, Chloe, for nominating me! (That’s a link to her post where she nominated me, by the way; check it out!)

The Awesome Blogger award was originally created by Maggie @ Dreaming of Guatemala. This is an award for the absolutely wonderful writers all across the blogging world. they have beautiful blogs, are kind and lovely, and always find a way to add happiness and laughter to the lives of their readers. that is what truly defines an awesome blogger. ~coffeelovingbookaholic

Le Rules

  1. Thank the person who nominated you,
  2. Include the reason for the award,
  3. Include the award banner in your post,
  4. Tag it under #awesomebloggeraward,
  5. Answer the questions you were given,
  6. Nominate at least five other awesome bloggers,
  7. Give your nominees ten questions to answer, and
  8. Let your nominees know you nominated them!

Le Questions

What’s your favorite season? 

Fall! I like how it’s not super freezing (like winter) or super hot (summer).

Ice cream or frozen yogurt?

Ice cream.

Favorite food?

Oh man. Ummm… *nervous laughter* *stares into space* *stalls* I like spicy food. There. That’s good enough. πŸ˜‚

(Uh oh… getting stumped.) Have you ever gone foraging in the woods?


Favorite movie?

Another favorite? Okay, let me try to decide. I love Marvel movies, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Star Wars, and the cartoon Disney ones (Marvel and Star Wars are Disney as well)… can I go with that? πŸ˜›

I am so good at this.

What’s one thing that you can’t stand?

When people who aren’t writers pretend that they are super knowledgeable on the subject, and attempt to give you tips. Like, please. Just no. Spare me. Just because you have a Pinterest board on this doesn’t make you a writer. You never write.

Do you like musicals?

Yep! 😜

Watermelon or cantaloupe?

I think… watermelon.

Zebra or giraffe, and why?

Zebra? Well, if I wanted to ride it, at least I could get on it. Giraffes are too tall. (Everyone is going to hate me now for suggesting riding a zebra πŸ˜‚)

Le Questions for Le Nominees

  1. Do you drink coffee?
  2. How long have you been blogging?
  3. Are you happy with how fast (or slow) your blog is growing?
  4. Do you like the cold?
  5. What is your second favorite color?
  6. Which do you think is worse: the cold or the flu?
  7. If you were allowed one superpower of these three, which one would you choose? Controlling storms (includes water and lightning) controlling gravity (you can move things around super easily!) or always being able to see one second in the future (when you choose).
  8. What are your favorite types of posts to write?
  9. What kinds of social media do you have? (Include links to all)
  10. Do you enjoy collabs with people?

And Le Nominees!

Liberty @ Gone in a Dream

Rebekah @ Tunes of my Heart

Rebecca @ Joy Unspeakable

Sapphire @ Simply Sapphire Song

Cassidy @ The Amber Illusion

(All of those have links to the bloggers’ blogs)

I’m slowly regaining my abilities to nominate people, after that Liebester Award. πŸ˜‚

The Triad of Caosdif

I have been doing a bunch of writing this past week because I had my Easter break! πŸ˜„ Sadly, it is over now, meaning that I am back to studying in school. Not so much writing shall be done now.

I got 23 pages of writing done.

Meaning I literally am only 1 page away from hitting 100 pages of my rewrite, which was my goal for Camp NaNoWriMo. 😱 This is why I should have break more often.

The Storm Inside = I Wrote This??

I opened up the document for my book the other day and began scrolling through it, reading at random points in time. But as I went on, I grew more and more horrified. This is what I launched?? *hides*

And so, I have decided to rewrite the book.

Yes, I can do that. (One of the perks of being self-published πŸ˜‰)

I’m going to finish rewriting The Triad of Caosdif first, and then begin rewriting The Storm Inside. (Keep an eye out next week for a post on rewriting! *wink wink*) 

The Amber Illusion

I know, I’ve mentioned Cassidy a lot over the past month or so. But I have exciting news! She’s hosting a contest right now. Or, at least, it’s ending today. I totally spaced and forgot to mention it last week. Oops.

But anyway, in this contest, you just have to subscribe to her, comment on a blog post of her’s and say that you’ve subscribed, and did so because I mentioned it. (The prize for this is a $25 gift card, just so you know. So if you want to do this as well, you’ve got the rest of today!) (You can check out the rules HERE)

Interested in following her? Click HERE and check out her blog!

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 9.56.49 AM

Did you like this Award?

Didn’t I get a lot of writing done?!

Are you going to check out Cassidy’s blog?


Disclaimer: I do not own the award image.

21 thoughts on “Awesome Blogger Award

  1. Hey yay for getting ANY writing done! πŸ˜‚ Better than me *hides under a mountain of good intentions* Although I lowkey plan to start drafting a new book this week…If I stop procrastinating HA. But also good luck with your rewrites!

    YES ice cream all the way. Also it’s a super big pet peeve of mine to be lectured on a topic *I* know about but the annoying person giving me the lecture doesn’t. *eye roll* πŸ˜‚


    1. Haha thanks. I did so good in the first week of April because of Easter break! And then I failed last week. *hides with you* Ooooh sounds fun! πŸ˜ƒ Is this the super secret project you keep hinting at? πŸ˜‰ (Hehe, don’t worry, I won’t tell)

      The best frozen yogurt stuff I ever had was last summer when I was in BC (visiting relatives). THEY HAD COFFEE FLAVORED YOGURT sTUFF. IT WAS GLORIOUS. And there are those times when they’re always just repeating what they say and you’re like “I learned this before you please be quiet now” but you can’t actually say that because rude. πŸ˜‚


  2. Yay! I’ve found another Star Warsy friend! Have you seen the Solo trailer?! I’ve seen it three times. I watched and I didn’t sleep that night. My BFF screamed. I love it.


    1. I once was at a restaurant and while there, I absentmindedly stared at a TV. Baseball was playing while we were there, but it was interrupted by commercials. I saw one for Infinity Wars twice (!!!) and then once, I was watching one. I was like, “Oh hey, that looks pretty cool.” My sisters and I watched it, and then I suddenly was like, “It looks like Star Wars.” And then it ended, and showed the words ‘Solo’.
      The only problem was, we couldn’t hear any of the sound for it! 😫


  3. Hahaha. I love your answers to the questions. Especially the zebra! It makes me think of the Swiss Family Robinson movie. Now there’s a childhood favorite.

    And yes, breaks REALLY help with writing! I wish I could have a few more myself…if any really. Haha. Oh well! And congratulations on your award!


    1. Thanks! I’ve actually never heard of that but did grow up enjoying a cartoon movie called Meet the Robinsons. (And yes, I am still growing up; and yes, I still enjoy it. πŸ˜‚)

      I’m just looking forward a lot to summer vacation! I got so much writing done in a day last week, but by this point in time, I’ve barely done half a page. πŸ˜– Thank you!


    1. Thanks! Not yet, but I want to! πŸ˜ƒ I love the songs The Piano Guys and Taylor Davis’s did from it. (Rewrite the Stars and A Million Dreams)


  4. Thanks so much for nominating me! I will post my part of it in tomorrows post. As for the contest, I have decided to extend it for another two weeks. I realized that not many people would want to do that during a break. Again, in the post tomorrow. Thanks again!


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