Interview with Taiya, Celebrating 20+ Followers!

Hey there!


In today’s post, I am having an interview with the girl behind Taiya Maddison, and Maddison + Co to celebrate reaching 20+ followers!


Let’s jump right in!



About the Blog


Hey Taiya! Thank you for agreeing to do this interview with me!

No problem, I love your blog!

Awww, thanks!

So what was the inspiration behind Taiya Maddison? Why did you create it?

Basically, I created Taiya Maddison because I wanted to share my ideas and inspire other teens. I also wanted a creative outlet where I could share my photography, beauty favorites, etc.

You’ve been blogging for around a year now, right?

Yeah, it was a year in October and I can’t believe how far I’ve come!

Do you plan on continuing to blog for a while to come?

I hope to continue my blog for as long as I can. Eventually, the interests of the blog will change say perhaps once I graduate high school and slowly flow into the university lifestyle. I would love to do posts like decorating your apartment on a penny, living on your own tips, more outfit blog posts, that kind of thing. Hopefully, my changes will come naturally and my readers are able to grow with me. 🙂

That sounds really cool! (We’ll be able to grow old and grey together 😉)



About the Shop


You launched Maddison + Co only last month; how long did it take you to make all the products for it?

It took an insane amount of time, haha. I knew it was a big project but I didn’t realize how truly big of a project it is. There were so many small details that I had to do that I didn’t think of.

Was it fun to make the products?

For me personally, I love graphic design. I’ve always loved creating logos and headers for my blog so it was really fun to be more creative when designing my prints.

I’ve always liked designing as well, but never have been very good at it. 😛

Was it fun to do the Launch Tour? (I certainly enjoyed it 😉)

I loved doing the launch tour! It was a lot of work to organize everyone and make sure everyone had the stuff they needed but it was great to connect with new readers and bloggers!

Do you have any plans to ever add any more products to the store?

Absolutely! I hope to continue adding new products. 😀 Keep your eye out for some possible Christmas prints. 😉

*gasp* REALLY?! I am going to be checking the store like every day in December now. 😂



Other Random Stuff


I’ve seen the color pink in practically every update of your blog theme; is that your favorite color?

Yeah, it’s definitely one of my favorite colors. I also love turquoise! I’ve kind of branded blush pink into my brand’s colors so I just keep working with it 😀

What kind of camera do you use?

I bought my very own camera about half a year ago. It was my first major purchase and I’m so happy with it! It’s a Sony a5000! I talk all about my camera in my How To Take Amazing Photos With Fairy Lights blog post.

(Please note: I’m the one that added that link, so Taiya wasn’t being self-promo!)

Do you have a favorite food and/or dessert?

Anything chocolate, seriously. 😉

All too true. 😆

When do you plan on doing more DIY project posts?

Actually, I’m really glad you asked that! I just contacted a company and they sent me a bunch of teen DIY Kits that I can’t wait to share with you guys!

Woah! No way! That’s so awesome! I’ll totally keep an eye out for that!

What do you plan on doing after getting out of high school? (like what kind of job do you want to get)

I have always thought I would go into architecture because I love designing floor plans for houses, and then also, later on, do the interior design portion as well. But if my blog continues to grow and becomes the point where it is my full-time job, then I would love to have that as my main gig!

Great plan!

Would you ever consider yourself to be popular? (In real life, or on your blog)

I wouldn’t say popular, but I have made a lot of friends thanks to blogging and connecting with other bloggers. I also do have many wonderful friends IRL as well which I am extremely grateful for.

Thank you for doing this interview with me, Taiya! It was awesome, and your answers were amazing!




Let’s give the lovely Taiya a hand for doing this interview with me! 👏

That was a really fun interview! Make sure you guys check out her blog and shop! 😄



Although today is supposed to be a celebrational post, I decided to also do some updates like usual for you guys here at the end.



Blog Design


Okay, so there has been a postponement of my upgrading of my blog. Sorry, guys! You’ll have to put up with the ads for a while longer! (Please keep in mind that I don’t put those up; I can’t even see them because I’m the blogger!)

Eventually, I will do the upgrade. But we’ll all just have to wait for now.


National Novel Writing Month


Well, the first day of writing went really well! And then the next day, I came down with a horrible cold. Between that and school, I didn’t get any writing done. Or on Friday.

I did get writing done on Saturday because it’s a weekend though.

I’ve run into trouble though with the writing of some scenes. I can see them clearly in my head as if it’s a movie. But writing it out is way more difficult. I just managed to finish one of those on Wednesday, actually, and then read through it on Thursday. It wasn’t half bad! 😃

In total, I’ve written 5,274 new words of my book.





I went to Chapters last Saturday and got to hold it in all its glory, and see the cover, and read the preface (you can’t just not pick it up and not read it 😆) and see that there are close to 800 pages in this book. But my sister’s birthday is coming up, and since she’s the one that has the series (she got a bunch of the books for Christmas last year, so she’s the one that’s collecting them) I’m waiting to see what happens then.

Tip: if you’re going to buy this sixth book, get it from Barnes and Noble. I do not have any near me, so I’m hoping for it to be ordered online; but Barnes and Noble has an exclusive edition, with a short story in the back, and drawings by Shannon Messenger inside!



Don’t catch a cold! (It’s not fun)

AND IF YOU’VE READ NIGHTFALL DON’T TELL ME. I AM JEALOUS. (oh the sorrows of being a reader)



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