How to Keep your Novel Interesting with Dialogue

Hey there!

It’s been an embarrassingly long time since I posted a writing tip on a blog about writing. 😆 So today, I’m going to talk a little bit about dialogue. (I’ll do my last tag next week, though :P)

Dialogue is when a character is speaking (in case you didn’t know)

It can make the difference between a horrible story, and a great one.

Some writers like to go through their stories without dialogue, They describe everything in big blocks of text, and whenever someone speaks, it’s like, ‘ He told me he liked blue, and I said that I liked red’.


Okay, so not very interesting, right?

But there’s a way to fix that!

Real dialogue.

Humans just don’t like reading big blocks of text in general. That’s why we need to break up the monotony of the text.

This is a story, not a textbook!

That is such an important point, that I put it in huge letters. Listen to the huge letters, and remember them.

Dialogue is such a HUGE subject, that to give you a really good in-depth understanding of it, I’m going to do a series on it.

So today we’ll focus on the different times and ways you can use dialogue, and then we’ll dedicate a post to delve into each type.



The 6 Types

  1. Humor
  2. Foreshadowing
  3. Conflict
  4. Realization
  5. Explanation
  6. Regular Conversation



So I’ll be going into detail into each of these, not in this order. So, you know, you won’t know which one shall be next. 😉 😈



The Goose Girl

I’ve finished up plotting the book; I used a blend of different ways to plot, and it’s worked out really well!

However, as I went on with the plotting, I noticed that it really just stuck to the plot line of the original. Like, there were some of the old elements I wanted to keep… the new elements I’d put in to make it more unique… but still the same when it came down to it. So what could I do to change it?

I decided to change the POV.

It’s going to be the villain of the story’s POV: the servant of The Goose Girl. As I went through the more in-depth outline for the book, I found myself more excited by the prospect of writing a story from this POV instead, actually! It’s way more interesting. What’s the reasoning behind the villain’s choices? All these new doors have been flung open to me, and I’m enjoying exploring the realms of possibility. And you know what? The plot lines up magnificently with her, actually! I feel almost like I’m going to writing a likable villain. :3



Upgrade… or not?

As you guys know, I keep on saying that I’m going to upgrade my blog, and get rid of ads. But recently, I read a post that talked a bit about how WordPress themes suck. And the ones I’ve seen so far, from under the free version, make me agree.

So, I decided to go look for a theme of my own.

After looking for I don’t know how long on Creative Market at themes, I found around 20 that looked pretty nice. So, I took a closer look at their descriptions, seeing about their customisable options and stuff.

19/20 said that they were for ‘self-hosted WordPress’ or ‘’. So I decided to look into that version of WordPress instead.

After asking Madi Grace (who runs blogs with a few questions, I decided to do it that way.

So now I have to pay for my self-hosting and a theme.

Hoping that I don’t sound like self-promo, I’m going to ask that you help me out a bit with doing this, by purchasing my book, The Storm Inside, on Amazon. From the people who’ve bought it so far, they’ve really enjoyed it, so I’m hoping that if you do, that you will as well. 😊

If you guys are interested in seeing some numbers on this, then you can always ask me in the comments below about that. (I know that some people don’t like seeing numbers and money stuff :P)

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 9.56.49 AM

Are you looking forward to these six posts?

And, hehe, you have to wait two weeks because I’m doing my last tag next week!

Are you mad at me? 😛

What do you think about me writing from this new POV for my story?


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