How is my Blog Performing in October?

Hey there!


We have reached our third overview! Awesome!



Blog Overview


Follow Count:

A few hours after I’d posted on September 30, I received another follower. So while that’s not in October, I’d better mention that. 😉

I also realized that there is still a way up for people to follow my blog through WordPress, so I just added up a small widget in the sidebar if you want to follow that way instead of through email. (Keep in mind, you won’t get the same exclusive content as email subscribers!)

On the 28th, I came onto my computer to find that I suddenly a huge jump in follow numbers! As of this month, WordPress wise, I have 10 followers. MailChimp wise, I have 10 subscribers. That’s 20 in total! Which means 16 new followers this month! 😄


Most Popular Post(s) of October:

Likes wise, Cover Reveal + Q&A is the most popular post I’ve done in October, with 5 likes! Comments wise, it’s also Cover Reveal + Q&A, with 6 comments, not counting my replies.


Most Popular Post(s) of All:

This month, likes wise it’s Cover Reveal + Q&A, with 5 likes. Comments wise, it’s, yes, Cover Reveal + Q&A with 6 comments, not counting my replies. (that is one popular post 😆)


Highest Visitor Count:

The highest visitor day of the month was October 27, with 18 visitors. If you’re keeping track, that’s 14 more than last month! Wow!


Total Monthly Visitor Count:

The big number of the month is-prepare yourself- 96 visitors! 😱 That’s 76 more than last month.


Milestone of the Month:

As of this month, I’m going to cheat and do a three-way tie! (Technically five, but whatever  😛 )

1) Getting a book cover!

2) Working with other bloggers! (Check out Charis Rae’s post on her blog, Charis Rae, here that mentions my book! Check out Abby Franklin’s post on her blog, 360* Writing, here that mentions my book! And I happen to know that the awesome Maddison from Madi Grace will be doing a post soon that you’ll want to see… 😉)

3) Reaching 20 followers!


Total Number of Likes:

As of this month, I got 14 new likes. 13 more than last month! 😃


Total Number of Comments:

This month is 13 new comments, not counting my replies. 11 more than last month!


Total Number of Views:

Is this a new section of the overview? Yes, yes it is. I decided to add in how many views I get each month. In August, it was 65; in September, it was 77. And this month, it’s the whopping number 433!! 😱


Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 3.46.23 PM.png



Writing Overview




I had spent some of October planning a new story for National Novel Writing Month.



My writing was more like editing this month. 😂



Behind the Scenes



I am reading…

I was way too busy for the huge majority of the month to read anything that wasn’t for school because I was editing The Storm Inside. But last Saturday, I managed to fit one book in: this month, I read the first book in the Beyonders series, called A World Without Heroes. I found myself dragging my feet through reading the beginning (figuratively, of course) but then it got really good! 😃


I am drawing…

Self-portraits. Once again, for school. I had to draw a self-portrait of my past self, my present self, and my future self. In a few of the drafts, my head looks like a potato. 😆


I am coloring…

I am making plans to color in a coloring book of mine that I got back in August for my birthday… but as you can tell from the word plans, I still haven’t gotten around to it. (Again, too busy spending my free time editing)



Goals for this Coming Month



Blog Goals:

Heads up! I’m going to upgrade Julia’s Creative Corner to a paid plan and GET RID OF THOSE ADS. Because I don’t like them. So the blog will go under construction, and when you come back, it’ll probably look a lot different, with new graphics, new background, new fonts, etc.


Writing Goals:

During these last few days of October, I decided that I didn’t actually like my planned story for National Novel Writing Month. So instead, during it, I’m being a little cheater and am going to continue a draft I already have in progress. 😆 It’s actually the draft I wanted to finish this month (and only got 5 pages done). My goal for November is to finally finish the draft. I might write 50k new words in it, but it’s highly doubtful I’ll get that many new ones done, considering that I already have 72,925 written.


Social Media Goals:

This month, along with my blog, I’m giving my Pinterest a makeover. I’ll be creating new boards in secret, and releasing them, checking all the pins on my Blog Tips board (which should take a long time because I have over 500 pins on there) and I want to change that profile picture. (Maybe I’ll miraculously get a good picture of me to put on there?)


Working with Other Bloggers Goals:

I loved working with other bloggers this month! If you didn’t catch what I did with them, I helped the lovely Taiya launch Madison + Co, her own online store (that was such a fun post to write!) (I can’t believe I just put 3 different links in one sentence) and 3 bloggers have been helping me launch my book! This month, I have a post in the making already that’s with another blogger, to celebrate reaching 20 followers on Julia’s Creative Corner!


Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 9.56.49 AM

How has October been for you?

Happy Halloween!



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