How is my Blog Performing in November?

Hey there!


Welcome to this month’s overview! November has been a busy month in school for me (been learning chemistry stuff in science) so I didn’t end up working on my blog as much as I wish I could’ve. However, I got way more followers than I’d expected while I was kind of half-dormant. 😜

Blog Overview



Follow Count:

WordPress Followers:

This month, I got 11 new followers through WordPress! Woah! Did not see that coming! 😆

MailChimp Followers:

This month, I got 1 new follower through MailChimp.

Total Followers:

The grand total comes to… 32 followers!!! I can hardly believe it!  I did almost nothing for my blog this month! 😱 THANK YOU, EVERYONE! 😄


Most Popular Posts of November

Likes Wise:

Interview with Taiya, Celebrating 20+ Followers! and My Honest Review of End2End Books each got 6 likes.

Comments Wise:

So starting with this Overview, I’ve decided to just start saying comments including my own. It takes a while to go through all the comments, and count them up (often losing track). Counting like that, the most popular post, with 11 comments is Interview with Taiya, Celebrating 20+ Followers!


Most Popular Posts of All

Likes Wise:

6 likes: Interview with Taiya, Celebrating 20+ Followers! and My Honest Review of End2End Books.

Comments Wise:

With 13 comments, it’s Cover Reveal + Q&A that has the most comments of all my blog posts!


Highest Visitor Count:

The highest visitor day of the month was November 27th, with 11 visitors. (7 less than my highest of last month)


Total Monthly Visitor Count:

The total number of visitors this month is 66!


Milestone of the Month:

Having an option for a bank account found!


Total Number of Likes:

There were 40 likes this month! 26 more than last month!! 😄


Total Number of Comments:

There were 38 comments on here this month. I honestly am not going to compare it to last month, because during my last overview, I was still just counting comments by what I didn’t post.


Total Number of Views:

There were 312 views this month on my blog.



Writing Overview




This month, there was no book planning, because it was National Novel Writing Month!



I was cranking out the words this past weekend, but then the spot I stopped at – even though it wasn’t boring – I just didn’t seem to want to write! So my novel, after 8 months, is still unfinished. (Maybe I’ll get it before the end of the year??)



Behind the Scenes



I am reading…

This month, book six of the series Keeper of the Lost Cities came out. It’s called Nightfall. I’d waited a year for this book, and now I have to wait another year for the last book to come out! 😭 I LOVED IT. IT ONLY TOOK ME 4 HOURS TO READ. It was 794 pages long! Shannon Messenger is cruel. I need the next book.


I am drawing…

HAHAHAHAHA. Ha. Not really laughing actually. I had a mad scramble in doing my drawing project this month for art (The other one was watercolor painting… and I’ve never painted with watercolors before?? So that was hard.) so that wasn’t very fun.


I am coloring…

I got to do some coloring in the book I mentioned in last month’s overview! It was was sooooo much fun, and really calming. 😃 I love the coloring book! The pages tear out, so I don’t have to do it while trying to not bend the cover! 😄 (I’m doing it page by page, but I from flipping through it once that there are pictures of desserts ahead 😍)




Goals for this Coming Month



Blog Goals:

Obviously, I did not complete last month’s goal. I’ll do it eventually! But for this coming month, I think I’m going to try and figure out how to make a signature for at the end of a blog post. (A nice looking one)


Writing Goals:



Social Media Goals:

I’m going to continue working on releasing new boards on my Pinterest account. 😃 So far, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve been doing on there (New ones are my Writing Humour and Fonts boards!) and although you can’t see it, in my secret section, my boards are kind of a mess as I try and sort them out. (And figure out Sections. They’re helpful, but also kind of confusing.)


Working with Other Bloggers Goals:

I had a blast this month interviewing Taiya from Taiya Maddison! I’m already schemingplanning on asking other bloggers if I can interview them. However, I’ve decided to only do interviews with other bloggers in celebration. This month was to celebrate 20 + followers; so, next time, it’ll be to celebrate 50! (Please spread the word about my blog and help me get there because I really want to interview other people 😆) (I hope that didn’t sound like self-promo. 😰) (Never mind, it did.) I also might try and swap blog buttons with more bloggers.



Dancing Among The Stars

Zella from Dancing Among The Stars is trying to hit 50 followers! If you go follow her, that would be awesome!

She’s holding a bit of a competition, and obviously, I would like entries. 😉 So if you follow her because I told you about her, make sure to mention that in the comments below! 😃

And hey, you get free stuff by following her. 😆 Who doesn’t like free stuff?



And so we draw to a close of November. (Which is weird to write, because I always begin getting the overview ready at the beginning of the month 😆) Next month, I can finally sing the Christmas songs that have been playing in my head (by accident) since September!

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 9.56.49 AM

How’s November been for you?



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